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Supervisor Fall 2020 FAQ

Student Employment


Am I able to view a copy of the presentation from the Student Employment Supervisor Update - Fall 2020?

Student Employment Fall 2020 Supervisor Update Presentation [pdf]

What is the hiring time frame for the fall 2020 semester?
  • The hiring time frame for the fall 2020 semester is 8/9/20 - 12/31/20.
  • Please select Fall 2020 as the time frame in Jobx.
    • Due to the current circumstances, the academic year time frame cannot be selected. 
How will we connect with first year students to educate them about student employment?​​​​
  • In lieu of a traditional job fair, the student employment and student payroll offices will hold a virtual session during orientation and additional student office hours for peer to peer support. 
  • An email will be sent to incoming parents and students in August outlining both the payroll and hiring process. ​​​​​​
What is hiring priority and when does it take place?​​​​​
  • Hiring priority refers to the College’s policy and expectation that supervisors will grant hiring priority to students who have been awarded a campus job monetary expectation as part of their financial aid decision. Notation of this is located in the JobX system when previewing any student’s record. 
  • The hiring priority is usually the first week of classes. This year the hiring priority period is September 7, 2020 - September 11, 2020. 
  • Students who are work-aided are students who have work aid in their financial aid award. During this period, students who do not have work-aid will not be able to apply or be hired into any position. 
  • Positions hiring outside of this time frame should still apply a consideration of hiring priority similar to outlined above. Beginning September 12, 2020, all students may apply or be hired into positions.
What will the College do to support students that are unable to find work?

The Financial Aid Office is currently developing a process to support these students. Please ask students with questions to contact us directly. 

Will the spring semester and J term look similar to the fall semester for student employment?

At this time, guidance can only be provided for the upcoming fall semester. We will provide additional information on the spring semester once it is available.


What options do I have for setting up my position for the fall 2020 semester? 
  • Supervisors can set their positions up as in person, remote or hybrid. If a position can be performed remotely, the College strongly suggests that it be set up as a remote position. 
  • Any position that requires in person interaction must follow the college and community safety guidelines as they are updated. It is the responsibility of the direct supervisor to ensure that all guidelines are followed. See the last question in this section for additional information on guidelines and expectations. 
What students (domestic and international) can work an in person, remote or hybrid position?

See chart:


Can a student on a leave of absence work in any type of student employment position?​​​​​

No, students on leave may not work for the College in any capacity including casual or volunteer positions. 

Can students that are living abroad (outside of the US) work in any type of student employment position?
  • No, students (domestic or international) that are currently living outside of the US cannot work for the College in any capacity including casual or volunteer positions until they return to the US. 
  • It is important that you identify where the student is living prior to submitting your hire request.
Can a student that is living off-campus work in an in-person or hybrid position if they can commute to campus?
  • No, students that are living off-campus may only work in a remote position if they are living within the US.
  • It is important that you identify where the student is living prior to submitting your hire request.
If my position requires a student to work in person what are the College’s expectations?
  • All campus and community guidelines must be followed.
  • Policies, practices and protocols should maximize community health and minimize community risk.
  • Students CANNOT physically attend work if they are in quarantine/isolation housing OR if they experience any symptoms. We strongly suggest proactively identifying work continuity plans.
    • Due to this, the College strongly discourages any in person work during the first two weeks of the semester while testing is occurring. Please keep in mind that this may mean curtaining hours of operation and/or making adjustments within your department.


What time frame should I select in JobX when submitting my hire request?
  • Please select Fall 2020 as the time frame in your job description. 
    • Due to the current circumstances, the academic year time frame cannot be selected. 
    • Requests with the incorrect time frame will be rejected.
Do I need to update my job description in JobX for the upcoming semester?
  • If your position is changing in any way you will need to make the appropriate changes to the job description.
  • If your position will now be remote or hybrid please review your job description to make any necessary changes.
What do I do after I have filled my position in JobX?
  • If you no longer need to hire for the position please make sure that you move the position from “listed” to “review” in JobX.
  • This will close the position and not allow for additional applications.
  • You can always re-list the position should you need additional workers.
How will I indicate if the student I am hiring is working in person, remote or hybrid?
  • A new question in JobX has been added to capture this information for each student that you hire.
    • In person: this student is working physically on campus at the work site.
    • Remote: the student is working not at the work site (from their dorm or home).
    • Hybrid: the student is doing a combination of work physically at the work site as well as remote.
What happens after I submit a hire request in JobX?
  • Your request is reviewed by a member of the Student Employment Office. Once approved, you will receive a confirmation email.
  • The student that was hired will also receive an email directing them to formally accept the position in JobX.
  • Once these steps are completed, a timesheet will be created in about one business day and the student may begin working.


How will students submit paperwork?
  • Students will submit their paperwork electronically via their mySwarthmore portal.
  • More instructions will be provided before the start of the semester by the Student Payroll Office.
How are students paid  for their work through Student Employment?
  • Students who have previously worked for the College will continue to receive payment through direct deposit.
  • Students who have not worked for the College previously will receive their first paycheck via postal mail to their place of residence.
  • All further paychecks will be directly deposited into their chosen bank account.
Is the timesheet submission process different due to remote work?
  • The timesheet submission process will remain the same with one difference. Due to students working remotely, the College can no longer approve incomplete timesheets. Timesheets that are not submitted by the student or approved by their supervisor will not be processed.
  • It is important that timesheets are completed by both the student and the supervisor by the assigned deadline each pay period. Any timesheets that are not completed by the appropriate dates will not be processed until the following pay period. There will be no exceptions to this.
How do I let the College know where my student employee is working from?

The Student Payroll Office will be collecting this information during the hiring process. More information will be provided before the start of the semester by the Student Payroll Office. 

Contact Us

Who should I reach out to if I have additional questions?
  • Please email for questions related to:
    • JobX
    • Creating a new position
    • Work aid
    • Hiring time frames
  • Please email for questions related to:
    • Employment paperwork
    • Timesheets
    • Payroll information and deadlines
    • Pay rates