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New Student Employees

Important Information for New Student Employees

Student Employment at Swarthmore is overseen by two student offices separated by two Adminstrative departments. Please note that as these are student offices, responses may be delayed during breaks. 

Student Employment Office or SEO

The Student Employment Office or SEO helps to connect students who work while at Swarthmore with on-campus employment opportunities. Services include, administrating the JobX software system, helping students to identify on-campus job opportunities and helping on-campus employers advertise positions to students. Since students best know their interest, skills, and schedule, the SEO does not place students in job positions, but is a place to bring your campus job questions.

SEO is located in the Lower Level of Parrish, room 28, just down the hall from the Office of Student Engagement.  
Fall 2018 Hours will be set during orientation.

*by appointment, email:

Student Payroll Office (SPO)

The Student Payroll Office (SPO) collects all of the paperwork that is required for a student to work on campus. The office also manages online timesheet collection and paycheck processing.  All questions pertaining to your required federal paperwork, timesheet, or payment should be directed to the Student Payroll Office.

The Student Payroll Office is located at 101 S. Chester Road, Suite #104 on South Campus.

Fall 2018 semester hours will be set during orientation.

*by appointment,email

Required Forms

Prior to arriving on campus, students will be sent information from the Dean's Office about preparing for your first year.  One area pertains to student employment and details what a student must have when they arrive on campus. Below you will find that same information.

The Student Payroll Office coordinates the completion of all required Federal, State, and local paperwork.  An annually updated list of required documents can be found on their website. 

  • I-9 Form [pdf]: This form confirms your eligibility to work in the United States and must be completed on campus with your original identification documentation.
    • IMPORTANT: Bring to campus the following required original documentation. Under federal law, all new employees must present original documentation to your employer that proves identity and authorization to work in the  United States and complete Form I-9. You can find more information about the I-9 process on the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website. The original ID verification document requirements will vary depending on your citizenship status and place of residence. Please review the last page of the I9 form to determine which documents you will need to bring with you to the Orientation Job Fair and before you start your new on-campus job. Original documents must be presented; paper copies or scans cannot be accepted. The Student Payroll Office will verify your ID verification documentation. Once this is completed, you will not need to keep your documents on campus.
  • Direct Deposit Authorization Form [doc]: This form determines where your payroll will be deposited. All students must sign up for Direct Deposit as a condition of employment. You may bring this to campus completed. 
  • W-4 Form: This form determines how much federal tax to withhold from your wages and is completed electronically via your mySwarthmore once you are hired on campus. No paper copy is needed. 

All forms must be completed entirely and submitted to the Student Payroll Office before the student employee can work on campus.

Students filling out the required paperwork at the New Student Orientation Job Fair




The Job Search and Hire Process

A campus job fair will be held  during orientation where the Student Payroll Office will finalize your paperwork and verify your ID verification documentation. You will not need your ID verification documents after this point.
In addition to the New Student Orientation job fair, your Swarthmore network credentials will allow you to login to Swarthmore's JobX platform, search for, apply for and be hired for jobs based on subject or interest during the semester.

Questions about Student Payroll forms, timesheets, or getting paid can be directed to the Student Payroll Office:

Questions about finding and applying for jobs can be directed to the Student Employment Office: