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Getting a Job on Campus

Please note all students must complete the Required Student Employment Forms in order to apply for a job on campus.


JobX is Swarthmore's hub for student employment opportunities, where you can search for, apply to, and be hired for jobs. You can find and apply to jobs you learned about at the job fair, or explore other open positions on campus you might want to apply to. Having open positions you can apply to all in one place makes the process of finding the right campus job easier and more straightforward for all students, and forwards Swarthmore's mission of access and inclusion. Simply visit JobX, select Student Employees, and log in with your College username and password to get started!

Job Fair

Each year during new student orientation, Swarthmore holds a campus job fair where students can connect with members of many departments of the College, learn about open positions on campus, and share their skills and qualifications with potential employers. The job fair is a great opportunity to network with potential employers and learn more about the kinds of positions available for students at Swarthmore.

The job fair is also an opportunity to work with a member of the Student Payroll Office to finalize your paperwork and ensure you're eligible to be employed at the College. If you complete your paperwork at the fair, you will no longer need your verification documents after that point.

You will not be able to apply for jobs directly at the job fair, but rather learn about open positions you can then apply to via JobX, Swarthmore's student employment portal.