Attention All Student Employees!

As you know from our earlier reminder e mail to you, the student payroll system is changing from a manual to an electronic system beginning fall semester 2009. As you probably recall from last spring, paper time sheets are going away! Please be prepared to submit your hours electronically — information on how to do this is on the SEO Website.

There is also a newly revised spreadsheet ofstudent jobs and corresponding pay categories on the Student Employment Website. Thanks to all of you who helped us better understand specific positions and pay categories.

The SEO Coordinator for the '09-'10 year is Michael May ( He will be available to answer questions about the electronic time sheets and assist students in finding jobs. In addition, Karen Phillips (Director of Payroll) will be available to answer questions and Rhoni Ryan (Human Resources Information Systems Analyst) will be available for technical support.

We appreciate your patience and support as we launch our new electronic system. Please feel free to contact any of the above folks if you have questions or experience any problems.