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Spanish Alumni Share their Reflections

Alicia Muñoz '03 

Assistant professor of Hispanic and Latin American Studies, Macalester College 

Alicia Muñoz '03

"Studying Latin American literature allowed me to engage with discourses of gender and class that resonated with my own culture and identity as a woman. I learned to consider the social and political implications of the texts I was reading. At Swarthmore, I learned not only how to comprehend, but how to interpret."

Stephanie Appiah '10

Media relations director for SoapBox Soaps and William & Mary law student

"Studying a language at Swarthmore was an amazing cultural experience. In a way, it was always my dream: I wanted to learn from the professors who had a vibrant passion for life. With professors from all over the Spanish-speaking world, with a wide range of teaching experiences, I felt like each lesson was handcrafted from the latino diaspora. Each book spoke to a different experience, each paper prompted a chance to weigh in on prominent issues of the day. Learning Spanish at Swarthmore went beyond the basics of speaking, listening, writing, and reading the language. I was able to dream in Spanish. To compose in Spanish. To breakdown hierarchical structures and define hegemonic limits in Spanish."

Danny Lascano '10 

First-year medical student at Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons 

Danny Lascano '10

Studying Spanish at Swarthmore allowed me to become a better writer, a more engaged reader, and an empathetic person as I began to understand the colonial burden Latin America carried as it developed to its current state. In a way, studying Spanish also allowed me to give an intellectual scaffold to my cultural upbringings in a community of Latin Americans in New Jersey, while also filling in the narratives lost in my parents' journey as they left Ecuador to search for a better life here in the U.S.

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