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Congratulations to Meghan Kelly!

Here is Meghan's reflection of how our Spanish classes at Swarthmore helped her prepare for this opportunity:

“While I did not study Spanish as a major or minor, I found my Spanish language classes to be a key part of my Swarthmore experience.  I decided to take Spanish classes after having studied the language for four years in high school. I wanted to learn a second language, and I was confident that the full immersion classes at Swat would help me reach my language goals - and they did! I learned so much more in one year of Spanish at Swarthmore than I learned in my four years in high school. This is likely because Swarthmore language classes were Monday through Friday, all in Spanish, unlike my high school classes that were taught in English. I loved that in my college Spanish classes, we discussed relevant and engaging topics, including LGBTQ issues, race, culture, historical oppression, immigration, and more, all in Spanish. These classes brought Spanish language to life. I also am a huge fan of the small class sizes! I was able to have conversations in Spanish with a group of 7-8 students, which made learning the language less intimidating.  After I gained a certain level of Spanish proficiency, I studied abroad in Chile my junior year. All of my classes were in Spanish, and because of my Swarthmore and abroad language training, I was able to conduct my senior thesis research in Spanish.  My Spanish language ability, interest in international education, and desire to teach then motivated me to apply to the Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship in Spain for the 2019-2020 year. I know that having taken Spanish at Swarthmore allowed me to have the language skills necessary to apply to the grant. I'm really grateful I took the time to study a second language!”