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Thesis Information

Revised Proposal DUE SEPTEMBER 17, 2018 by noon
1st Chapter DUE OCTOBER 29, 2018 by noon
2nd Chapter DUE NOVEMBER 20, 2018 by noon
Posters DUE DECEMBER 04, 2018 by noon

Primary elements to include for your poster:

Research Question/ Hypothesis
Two or three authors from your Lit Review
Preliminary Findings

Examples of posters to use as guideposts for your own. Please view them before seeing your advisors.

Poster Reception DECEMBER 06, 2018 @ 4:30 pm
Outline 3rd Chapter Due DECEMBER 14, 2018 by noon
3rd Chapter DUE JANUARY 28, 2019 by noon
4th Chapter DUE MARCH 4, 2019 by noon
Full Rough Draft of all Theses DUE April 1, 2019 by noon 
Final Honors Thesis DUE April 30, 2019 by noon
Final Course Thesis DUE April 30, 2019 by noon

2018-19 Thesis Guidelines