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Teaching & Advising

Self-Designed Courses
Cultures of the Contemporary Middle East  University of California, Berkeley
Global Humanitarianism University of California, Berkeley 
Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies Swarthmore College
Crisis Resolution in the Middle East Swarthmore College
Global Responses to Violence (first year seminar) Swarthmore College
Gender, Sexuality, and Social Change Swarthmore College
Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (includes a 10-day study trip to Israel/Palestine: Winter 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020) Swarthmore College
Humanitarianism: Anthropological Approaches (honors seminar) Swarthmore College
Introduction to Peace and Justice Studies Tufts University
The Arab Spring and Nonviolent Strategic Action Tufts University
Cultures of the Contemporary Middle East Brown University
Decolonizing the Racialized Female Subject: Black and Indigenous Women (graduate seminar) Brown University
The Arab Spring Brown University
Gender, Sexuality, and Human Rights in the Middle East Tufts University
Political and Social Movements in the Modern Middle East Harvard University
Co-Taught Courses
Social Justice and Human Rights in Israel/Palestine (fieldwork instructor with Eve Spangler) Boston College
Social Epidemiology (with Rita Giacaman) Birzeit University
Head Teaching Fellow
Comparative Politics in the Middle East Harvard University
Contemporary Political Islam Harvard University
Globalization, Development, and the Middle East Harvard University
Teaching Assistant
Junior Tutorial in Social Anthropology Harvard University
Dilemmas in Biomedical Ethics Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Exercising Leadership: Mobilizing Group Resources Harvard University

Undergraduate Thesis Advising

2019/2020 "Resistance, Resilience, and Survival: Central American Migrant Women Across the U.S.-Mexico Border," Lucy Jones (Swathmore College)
2019/2020  "The Middle Kingdom Dreams: Africa-China Relations," Vanessa Meng (Swarthmore College)
2019/2020  "A Situation Analysis on the Barriers to Maternal Health and Family Planning for Palestinian and Rohingya Refugee Women," Manal Hussain (Bryn Mawr College) 
2018/2019 “Achieving Gender-Equality in Contexts of Conflict: A Study of the Princess Syndrome in Lebanon,” Ferial Berjawi (Swarthmore College)
2018/2019 “Implementing Evidence Based Executive Functioning Interventions in Multiply-Stressed Schools,” Roberto Jimenez Vargas (Swarthmore College)
2018/2019 “Constructing Positive Peace in an Era of Negative Peace in Colombia,” Zackary Lash (Swarthmore College)
2018/2019 “American Law Enforcement Trainings in Israel,” Rachel Pomerantz (Swarthmore College)
2018/2019 “Where Do We Go From Here?: Anti-Semitism and Solidarity Organizing in the United States,” Abigal Saul (Swarthmore College)
2018/2019 “Tumultuous Lands of Opportunity: Western Humanitarian Aid and Western Military Intervention in Pakistan and Bangladesh,” Zain Talukdar (Swarthmore College)
2018/2019 “Special Relationships: A Comparative Analysis of Israel/Palestine and US/Native Relations," Julia Wakeford (Swarthmore College)
2018/2019 “Pro-Palestinian Activism in America: Context, Successes, and Obstacles,” Omar Khoury (University of Pennsylvania)
2017/2018 “Learning Together, Living Together: Integrated Education in Northern Ireland and Israel-Palestine,” Molly Murphy (Swarthmore College)
2017/2018 “Socialization to Nonviolence: The Transfer of Nonviolent Values and Skills Across Multiple Contexts,” Michael Nafziger (Swarthmore College)
2017/2018 “Invisible Wounds: Art Therapy in Israel/Palestine,” Madeleine Pattis (Swarthmore College)
2017/2018 “Bearing Witness: Strategic Human Rights Media of the Rohingya Crisis,” Jasmine Rashid (Swarthmore College)
2017/2018 “The Call for Freedom and Independence in West Papua,” Samira Saunders (Swarthmore College)
2016/2017 “Our Liberation is Bound Together: Exploring Reciprocal Solidarity Between Black and Palestinian Activists,” ShaKea Alston (Swarthmore College)
2016/2017 “Nakba! Playwriting Against the Israeli Occupation,” Marissa Cohen (Swarthmore College)
2016/2017 “Consociationalism and the Compromised Peace: Lessons from Northern Ireland,” Mosea Esaias (Swarthmore College)
2016/2017 “Motherhood Under Occupation: Literary Representations of Parenthood in Palestinian and South African Resistance Literature,” Lily Tyson (Swarthmore College)
2016/2017 “Queer Arab Studies: Synthesizing Contemporary Scholarship on Queer Arab Bodies,” Brendan Carchidi (Villanova University)
2015/2016 “Locating the Borders of the Middle East,” Joelle Hageboutros (Swarthmore College)
2015/2016 “The One-Child Policy and its Effects on Bride Trafficking,” Yein Pyo (Swarthmore College)
2014/2015 “Understanding the Moderate and the Radical: A Comparative Study of Islamist Organizations in 20 Arab League Countries,” Rafael Contreras (Brown University)
2014/2015 “Arab Women, Red Lines: The Anti-Sexual Harassment Movement in Egypt,” Sophia Sepulveda (Brown University)
2013/2014 “From Nation-State to Refugee State?: Reconceptualizing the Role of Forced Migration in Jordan,” Reva Dhingra (Brown University)
2013/2014 “Living in my “Dream City”: Experiences of Space for Low-Wage Male Migrant Workers in Singapore,” Ayane Ezaki (Brown University)
2013/2014 “Entrepreneurial Security: A 21st Century Security Strategy,” Brendan Hanrahan (Harvard University)
2013/2014 “From Embrace to Disavowal: The Decline of Israeli-Palestinian People-to-People Programs and the Rise of Palestinian Anti-Normalization,” Jonathan Tan (Harvard University)
2012/2013 “Rising Civil Society, Falling Egalitarianism: The Jewish Association in Post- Totalitarian Cuba,” Jacob Hutt (Harvard University)
2011/2012 “’A Fragile Possession’: Tuol Sleng Museum and the Construction of Social Memory in and beyond Post-Genocide Cambodia,” Sharon Kim (Harvard University)
2010/2011 “Seeking Justice: The Role of International Protection and Reparations for Palestinian Refugees,” Kristine Beckerle (Harvard University)
2009/2010 “The Face of the Enemy: How Textbook Narratives Influence Israeli and Palestinian Children’s Abilities to Empathize with the Other,” Alexandra Chen (Harvard University)
2008/2009 “From Corruption to Privatization: The Case of Jordan’s Aqaba Port,” Hamilton James (Harvard University)