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Community & Media Engagement

Community Enagagement | Media Engagement

Community Engagement

2019-Present Corporation Member, Haverford College
2017-Present Board (or Corporation) Member, American Friends Service Committee 
2010-Present Advisor, Ramallah Friends School
2017-2020 Board Member, Arab Foundation for Freedoms and Equality
2016-2020 Board Member, Pendle Hill
2016-2020 Member, Steering Committee for the Friends of Ramallah Friends Meeting Quakers 
2017-2019 Spiritual Nurterer, Quaker Voluntary Service 
2017-2018 Member, Westtown School Multicultural Board
2016-2017 Member, Search Committee for the General Secretary of the American Friends Service Committee 
2010-2011 Co-President, Harvard Arab Students Association
2007-2008 Elections Chair, Harvard Kennedy School
2008 Class Marshal, Harvard Kennedy School
2008 Civil Society Co-Chair, Harvard Arab Conference
2010-2011 Consultant, Medical Aid for Palestinians
2008 Summer Associate, Executive Council, Government of Dubai
2007 Intern, Palestinian Negotiations Affairs Department
2007 Summer Associate, Executive Office, Government of Dubai
2006 Counselor, Seeds of Peace International Camp
2004-2005 Arabic Interpreter, American Civil Liberties Union
2005 Intern, Human Rights Watch
2004 Intern, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
2003-2004 Arabic Interpreter, United States Immigration Court
2002 English Instructor, United Migrant Opportunity Services


Media Engagement (partial)

June 2021  "Why the LGBTQ+ community should care about Palestine," Gay Times 
June 2021  "Queer Palestine and the Empire of Critique," Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Homepage
June 2021  "Will Support for Palestinians Grow Among U.S. Christians?" Sojourners 
May 2021  "The Sa'ed Atshan Interview," Firstpost 
May 2021  "The Moral Triangle: Germans, Israelis, Palestinians," Washington Report on Middle East Affairs 
March 2021  "Panelists Discuss Restorative Justice in Berlin," The Brandeis Hoot 
March 2021  "Quakers in Education: Sa'ed Atshan," Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Homepage 
March 2021  "Fifteen Faculty Across the Disciplines Recognized with Tenure, Promotions," Swarthmore College Homepage
February 2021  "A Rainbow of Complexities in Palestine," Podcast Interview with Tel Aviv Review 
February 2021  "Queer Hope Lives On in the Middle East," UC Santa Barbara Humanities and Fine Arts Homepage
January 2021  "Two Swatties Earn National Award for Work in Peace & Conflict Studies," Swarthmore College Homepage
December 2020 "Searching for Reconcliation in Berlin," The Revealer: A Review of Religion & Media 
October 2020 "A discussion of 'Queer Palestine and the Empire of Critique' with Dr. Sa'ed Atshan," Podcast Interview with Oxford Society for International Development 
October 2020  "A global look at how COVID-19 has affected LGBTQ activism," The Harvard Gazette 
October 2020 "Tracing my queer consciouness from Palestine to the U.S, and back again," Mondoweiss 
August 2020  "The Gay Tahini Controversy Explained," Washington Blade 
July 2020 "A Vision of Jewish and Palestinian Connection" (with Maya Cohen), Jewish Journal 
July 2020  "Sa'ed Atshan '06 Explores Communities, Conflict, and Responsibility," Swarthmore College Homepage
July 2020  "Queering Uncle Naseem: Ramy's Radically Problematic Gay Character," The Advocate 
July 2020 "Queer Palestinians: Forging a New Paradigm," Gay City News 
June 2020 "Queer Palestine and the Empire of Critique," Podcast Interview with New Books Network
May 2020  "Co-authors of The Moral Triangle Interviewed by Sandra Korn," Duke University Press Blog 
May 2020  "Seven Students Receive Mellon Mays Fellowships," Swarthmore College Homepage 
April 2020  "The Moral Triangle: Germans, Israelis, and Palestinians in Berlin," Open Democracy 
April 2020 "Empathy and Exploration: This Journey to the Holy Land Offers Immersive Lessons in Understanding Conflict," Swarthmore College Bulletin 
April 2020 "Schitt's Creek, Post-Melancholy Queerness, and Pandemic Escape," The Advocate 
April 2020 "Germans, Israelis, and Palestinians in the Shadow of the Holocaust," University of Pennsyvalnia, Andrea Mitchell Center for the Study of Democracy Podcast 
November 2019  "Swarthmore Hosts Aspiring Academics of Color at Mellon Mays Conference," Swarthmore College Homepage 
August 2019  "Palestinian Police Vow Crackdown on LGBTQ Events in West Bank," NBC News 
June 2019 “Beirut Opened My Eyes to the Power of Queerness,” The Nation
September 2018 "Why Campus Rabbi, Palestinian Professor are Co-hosting Conference on Anti-Semitism" (with Michael Ramberg), Delaware County News Network
December 2017  "The Challenges We Face and Community We Forge," Friends Journal 
August 2017 “Palestinian Professor Speaks Out on Cancellation of Friends’ Central Speech, Stands with Fired Teachers,” Philadelphia Inquirer
February 2017 “A Palestinian Quaker Bears Witness to Pacifism,” American Friends Service Committee Acting in Faith Blog
June 2016 “Gay and Middle Eastern in Post-Orlando America,” Huffington Post
October 2015 “Realizing Wholeness: Reflections from a Gay Palestinian Quaker,” Friends Journal
October 2015  "Dr. Sa'ed Atshan: Teaching Tolerance, Promoting Peace," Philadelphia Gay News 
May 2015 “Imagining Gay Liberation in the Middle East,” The New Arab
July 2014 “The Post Shows Bias by Omission,” The Washington Post
February 2014 “A Postdoc’s Questions: Engaged Scholarship in the Palestinian Territories,” Featured Profile, Brown University Homepage