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Academic Service

Academic ServiceService to the Swarthmore College CommunityService to the Brown University Community

Academic Service

2019-Present PhD Committee Member, Izat Elamoor, “Addressing Palestinian LGBTQ Life Through Education,” New York University, Sociology of Education
2020-Present PhD Committee Member, Peter Habib, "Communing at the Water Tank: Cooperation, Conflict, and Water Infrastructure in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley," Emory University, Anthropology 
2020-Present  PhD Committee Member, Benjamin Norquist, "States of Isolation: Higher Education in the West Bank," Azusa Pacific University, Higher Education
2014-2015 PhD Committee Member, Aisha Mershani, “Palestinian Civil Resistance: A Case Study of the Popular Struggle Against the Wall 2002-2013,” University Jaume I (Castellon, Spain), International Peace, Conflict, and Development Studies
2021-Present  Board Member, Association for Middle East Anthropology (AMEA) of the Middle East Studies Association (MESA)
2020-Present Planning Committee Member, Democracy and the Middle East Series, University of Pennsylvania, Andrea Mitchell Center for the Study of Democracy 
2020-Present Advisor, Human Diversity Centre, Bethlehem University, Palestine 
2020-Present  Alumni Representative & Department Associate, Anthropology Standing Committee, Harvard University 
2019 Honors Examiner, Kenyon College, Program in International Studies
2019-Present Law and Policy Book Reviews Editor, International Journal of Middle East Studies
2019-Present  Elected Board Member, Palestinian American Research Center 
2018-Present Editorial Committee Member, Journal of Palestine Studies
2012-Present Reviewer (journals): European Journal of Women's StudiesJournal of Human Rights PracticePoLAR: Political and Legal Anthropology ReviewAnnals of the American Association of Geographers, Environment and Planning E: Nature and Space, Journal of Ethnographic Theory, Journal of Peacebuilding and Development, Law and Social Inquiry, American Anthropologist, Middle East Journal, American Ethnologist, and Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry
2012-Present Reviewer (manuscripts): International Center on Nonviolent Conflict, Stanford University Press, Syracuse University Press, Indiana University Press, Oxford University Press, Palgrave Macmillan, University of Alberta Press, University of California Press, and University of Toronto Press
2016-2019 Elected Board Member, Middle East Section of the American Anthropological Association
2012-2013 Member, Executive Committee, Harvard University Weatherhead Center for International Affairs
2012-2013 Resident Tutor, Quincy House, Harvard College
2011-2012 Resident Tutor, Kirkland House, Harvard College
2008-2010 Proctor, Massachusetts Hall, Harvard College
2007-2008 Non-Resident Tutor, Mather House, Harvard College


Service to the Swarthmore College Community  

2019-Present Coordinator, Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Program
2019-2020 Faculty Facilitator, Swarthmore New York City Alumni Reading Group 
2018-2020 Member, LGBTQ+ Faculty/Staff Advisory Board
2018-2020 Academic Assessments Liaison, Peace and Conflict Studies Program
2018-2020 Off-Campus Study Advisor, Peace and Conflict Studies Program
2016-2020 Faculty Mentor, Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Program
2015-2020 Faculty Mentor, Eugene Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility’s Lang Opportunity Scholarship Program
2015-2020 Faculty Mentor, Richard Rubin Scholarship Mentorship Program
2015-2020 Organizer, Peace and Conflict Studies Lecture Series
2015-2019 Curator, Israel/Palestine Film Series
2019  Faculty Lecturer, Teachers as Scholars Program 
2019 Guest Speaker, New Faculty Lunch 
2019 Guest Lecturer, Swarthmore Summer Scholars Program (S3P) 
2016-2019 Lecturer, Admitted Students Day Faculty Lecture: “The Arab Spring”
2017-2019 Faculty Advisor, Friends, Peace, and Sanctuary Initiative
2019 Member, The Sager Fund Committee
2019 Webinar Presenter (with Omri Gal ’19), Alumni Webinar: “Teaching the Israeli- Palestinian Conflict”
2017-2018 Member, Collections Committee
2017-2018 Faculty Mentor, Aydelotte Foundation Frank 5 Fellows Program
2018 Speaker, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Commemoration
2018 Speaker, Council on Presidential Initiatives
2019 Speaker, International Students Organization Faculty Talk: “Global Consciousness at and beyond Swarthmore”
2016-2017 Co-Convener, Aydelotte Foundation Second Tuesday Café Series: “2016 Presidential Election & Its Significance”
2016-2017 Faculty Advisor, President’s Sustainability Research Fellowship Program
2017 Member, Jewish Advisor Search Committee
2017 Speaker, Aydelotte Faculty Lecture: “The Trump Administration: A View from/to the Middle East”
2016 Speaker, Faculty Panel at Board of Managers Meeting: “Pedagogy and Ideological Diversity”
2016 Speaker, “Parrish Salon” for Donors Weekend
2016 Speaker, LGBTQ Faculty, Staff, and Student Luncheon
2016 Speaker, “Faculty Talks” at Alumni Weekend
2015 Speaker, Pride Month Panel: “Am I Queer Enough?”
2015 Faculty Co-Chaperone, Peace and Justice Studies Association Conference at James Madison University
2015 Moderator, American Friends Service Committee Anti-Militarism Poster Project Faculty Panel
2015 Speaker, Faculty Panel: “The Global Refugee Crisis”


Service to the Brown University Community 

2013-2015 Guest Lecturer, Courses taught by Brown faculty
2014-2015 Mentor, Brown Center for Students of Color’s African-American, Latino, Asian American, and Native American (ALANA) Mentorship Program
2014-2015 Member, Watson Institute Art Committee
2015 Curator, 2015 Middle East Studies Film Series: “Dreaming of Tomorrow: Youth Culture in the Middle East”
2014 Speaker, Guantanamo Public Memory Project Teach-In: “The U.S. Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay”
2014 Speaker, Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Program, Graduate Preparation Workshop
2014 Speaker, Office of the Chaplain Thursday Night Supper Speaker Series: “There is a Contemporary Bethlehem: The Palestinian Christian Struggle for Social Justice”
2014 Speaker, Middle East Studies/Watson Institute Teach-In: “Why Gaza Matters: The War and its Consequences”
2014 Speaker, Middle East Studies/Watson Institute Faculty Discussion: “Gaza in Crisis: Origins, Dynamics, and Future Trajectories”
2014 Curator, 2014 Middle East Studies Film Series: “Love and the City: Urban Lives in the Middle East”
2014 Facilitator, Brown International Advanced Research Institutes, Population and Development Institute
2014 Speaker, Brown International Advanced Research Institutes, Human Security and Human Response Institute
2014 Discussant, Amy Austin Holmes Book Workshop: “A Revolution in Three Waves: Mass Risings in Egypt against the Mubarak Regime, the Military Junta, and the Muslim Brotherhood”
2014 Organizer and Moderator, Watson Institute Security Project Guest Lecture with Benjamin Schwartz: “The Post Post-9/11 World: What We Have Learned and How Those Lessons Shape US Foreign Policy Today”
2014 Discussant, Watson Institute Clandestine Migration Routes and Human Insecurity Workshop
2014 Speaker, Watson Institute Seminar: “Emirati State-Society Relations in Contemporary Dubai”
2014 Keynote Speaker, Brown University Model United Nations Crisis Simulation: “The Politics of Humanitarian Response in the Middle East”
2013 Reader, Office of the Chaplain, Christmas Lessons and Carols Service
2013 Speaker, Department of Anthropology Friday Speaker Series: “Gay Liberation, National Liberation: The Global Queer Palestinian Movement"
2013 Speaker, Brown University Arab Society Speaker Series: “Sex, Politics, and Social Change: Music Videos in the Arab World”
2013 Speaker, Watson Institute Social Media and Political Change Conference: “Social Media, Political Change, and the Arab Spring”
2013 Speaker, Middle East Studies Luncheon Seminar: “The Geography of International Aid in the Palestinian Territories”
2013 Speaker, Middle East Studies Panel with Dr. Hanan Ashrawi: “After Oslo: Critical Conversations on Palestine/Israel”