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Shadowing a Class

On "Shadowing" during Drop/Add

The first week of classes:

In the first couple days of the first week of Add/Drop it might be appropriate to "shadow" a class if the professor allows.  "Shadowing a class" means attending a class for which you are not registered so that if space opens, you can ask to add the class. You can even explore classes that were lotteried after pre-registration but might have an opening later. However, this is only appropriate during the first week of classes, and perhaps only during the beginning of the first week of classes.

By the end of the first week of classes, you should have a full schedule of registered classes, and you should be nearly done adding or dropping.

The second week of classes:

Although Add/Drop technically continues for the second week of classes, in that second week you should finish your adding and dropping as soon as possible. For many courses, it may be inappropriate to join the class in the second week. As for any add, the instructor permission is required, and if you have any questions about adding a course, you should ask the professor.

How to add or drop:

Students who wish to change their courses or sections should follow the Add/Drop procedure no later than the second Friday of classes (second Monday in semesters that MLK day is observed).

Course materials:

If you purchase books in the Bookstore for a course that you decide not to take, please return the books as soon as possible. There may be other students in the course that need them.