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P.E. Requirement

Registrar's Guide to the PE Requirement

  • The catalog chapter
  • The Registrar recommends:
    • Complete at least 1 PE unit per semester until the requirement is done
    • Swimming Requirement
      • Either pass the swim test, OR complete a Swarthmore swimming class
        • The swim class earns a PE unit and fulfills the Swimming requirement at the same time
  • PE units are only available from one of these four ways:
    • 1) PE classes offered by the PE department or
    • 2) PE Dance classes offered by the Dance department or
    • 3) Varsity sports or
    • 4) Student Activity Groups and Clubs approved by the PE department for PE units
      • There is a limit of 2 units of club sports or SAGs any student can apply to the PE requirement of 4 units
      • Seniors are not allowed to take club sports or SAGs toward fulfillment of the PE requirement
    • Note that working out on your own does NOT earn PE units.