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Committee Membership

6 people talking at a round table

Steering Group 

  • Greg Brown, Vice President for Finance and Administration
  • Susan Eagar, Special Assistant to the President
  • Mynetta Edwards, Administrative Coordinator
  • Jan Semler, Director, Capital Planning and Project Management

Senior Leadership 

  • Liz Braun, Dean of Students
  • Greg Brown, Vice President for Finance and Administration
  • Karl Clauss, Vice President for College Advancement
  • Susan Eagar, Special Assistant to the President
  • Jan Semler, Director, Capital Planning and Project Management
  • Stu Hain, Vice President for Facilities and Capital Projects
  • Valerie Smith, President
  • Tom Stephenson, Provost

Advisory Committee

  • Amber Adamson ’01, Alumni Representative
  • Jackie Helene Bailey-Ross ’12, Alumni Representative
  • Peter Baumann, Professor, Department of Philosophy
  • Jim Bock ’90, Dean of Admissions
  • John Caskey, Professor, Department of Economics
  • H.G. Chissell IV ’96, Alumni Representative
  • Joel Cooper, Chief Information Technology Officer
  • Anthony Coschignano, Executive Director of Auxiliary Services
  • Elise Cummings ’19
  • Logan Grider, Assistant Professor of Studio Art, Department of Art
  • Rachel Head, Assistant Dean and Director of the Office of Student Engagement
  • Jesus Hernandez ’19
  • Adam Hertz, Director of Physical Education and Athletics
  • Sharmaine LaMar, General Counsel and Assistant Secretary of the College
  • Kelley Meagher ’89, Alumni Representative
  • Nancy Nicely, Secretary of the College and Vice President for Communications
  • Pamela Prescod-Caesar, Vice President for Human Resources
  • Peggy Seiden, College Librarian
  • David Singleton ’68, Member of the Board of Managers
  • Aurora Winslade, Director of Sustainability

​Student Committee

  • Isabel Baskin ’17
  • Guihyun Byon ’19
  • Elise Cummings ’19
  • Simona Dwass ’19
  • Jesus Hernandez ’19
  • Jasmine Jimenez ’19
  • Cameron Ricciardi ’19
  • Krystelle Thomas ’19
  • Wendy Wu ’19