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Re-imagining the Student Experience: A Visioning Exercise

4 students sitting on a bench

Department Overview


An effort began this summer to help us think more holistically about both the nature of students’ lives beyond the classroom and the types of spaces, services, technologies, activities, and campus culture that might support those experiences, both now and into the future. This process is meant to complement and further develop some of the core findings and recommendations related to student life on campus that first emerged in Strategic Directions released five years ago and in the subsequent Campus Master Plan, both after extensive consultation with faculty, students, staff, and alumni.


  1. To understand the current student experience at Swarthmore
  2. To envision the future student experience at Swarthmore within the context of broader trends in liberal arts education
  3. To identify opportunities to improve the experience, including an analysis of relevant spaces and services
  4. To achieve our goals through a participatory process that engages students, faculty, staff, and alumni and is consistent with Swarthmore's culture and values

Engagement Methods

Brightspot Strategy, a firm that specializes in helping higher education institutions and other organizations improve work and learning experiences, is helping to lead this effort and has met with various constituencies on campus to conduct open forums, facilitated discussions, individual interviews, surveys, observations, and workshops.

Final Report

The Student Experience: A Visioning Exercise final report of findings and recommendations was released in February 2016.