eMarket Portal

The eMarket Portal empowers staff members to buy—promptly and efficiently—what is needed.

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What is the eMarket Portal?

Swarthmore College’s eMarket Portal is an online integrated procurement solution for higher education. Essentially, it provides a means for College staff members to access suppliers' online website catalogs by "punching-out" from Swarthmore’s single sign-on environment into a supplier’s eCommerce website to request products, creating a PO. By accessing a supplier's punch-out enabled eCommerce website, you will be automatically logged-in and able to search the catalog, add items to the shopping cart, and return the cart as a pending purchase order back to the College’s procurement system. 

When items in the shopping cart are purchased through the eMarket application, the system will automatically generate a purchase order (PO) with line item detail that is emailed directly to the supplier. The College has linked all POs to specific purchase order terms and conditions, which protects the College's interests in the exchange.


What is a “Punch-Out” Catalog?

Punch-out catalogs are integrated external links to a supplier’s web-based catalog. You may access a preferred supplier’s external web catalog through the eMarket Portal's single sign-on to search and select products, and then return the items to the eMarket’s shopping cart. All suppliers on the eMarket Portal are preferred suppliers, having negotiated or contracted discount pricing structures incorporated within their websites. Not all catalogs are visible to everyone. 


Will the eMarket Portal transaction create a PO?

After final authorization of the request, a Banner PO will be generated by the system and an encumbrance will be added to the account charged (except Office Basics).


Who should register for the eMarket Portal?

Typically the departmental staff member who has the responsibility of buying supplies. 


How do I register for access to the eMarket Portal?

Please contact Pat Hearty to obtain a Google form application. You may access the site by selecting "eMarket Portal log-in" in the navigation of this page.