Job and Internship Resources

These resources are for current students and alumni.

The first resource is eRecruiting which is a database of full-time jobs and internship postings, as well as contact information for organizations that might interest you.

In order to access eRecruiting, you will need to set up your account through Career Services.  The following is information on how to do that and useful information on how to search the site.

*Step 1.  Get an account.*

Students should go to Career Services, Parrish 135 and request an account.

Alumni should email to get their account.

*Step 2. Log into Career Services eRecruiting.*

*Step 3.  Create your profile.*

The first time you log in to eRecruiting, you will need to create your profile.  The most important information to complete is "Career Preferences" and "Expected Graduation Date".  Career Services uses this information to send targeted emails to students about upcoming events and deadlines; so it is important to include as many career industries that are of interest to you.

*Step 4.  Begin searching.*

After logging in, you can begin searching for opportunities.  Try searching with multiple key words separated with commas.  Use descriptors that might not be obvious.  For example, for clinical use "anxiety", "depression" and "disorder"; for neuroscience try "fMRI"and "ERP"; for social try "stereotype".


The second resource for internships is called UCAN (University Career Action Network).  Swarthmore has partnered with a group of 19 highly selective colleges and universities to create a dynamic database of internships and fellowships across the country in one central location - the UCAN database.  Students can register for UCAN with their Swarthmore email address as their user name and their student ID number as their password.

UCAN can be accessed from the Career Services web-page under the "Resource Portal" 

Once you have an account, you can begin searching for internships across the country.

Visit Career Services for more job search strategies and internship resources.