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Thomas Alexander

Interim Asst. Dean /Sophomore Class, Interim Director of the Intercultural Center

Intercultural Center


  2. Phone: (610) 328-7360
thomas alexander

About Thomas:

He Cares About Swarthmore … and Vice Versa

“The first thing I noticed when I came here is that Swarthmore has a caring attitude that you can see across the entire community. Many people know one another and because of that, students’ concerns are lifted up by faculty and staff members, as well as a network of other support. I chose to come to Swarthmore especially because of the values and principles of the institution—it all leads to the caring attitude here.”


He Points Students in the Right Direction

“My role is fairly nuanced, and much of the work I do is through developing relationships with our students and directing them to the many resources available to them here on campus. I assist with students of various identities and backgrounds and students who come from marginalized identities. They understand they have a place here at the Intercultural Center where many people of similar identities come to connect with one another. Overall, we’re focused on the whole student experience. I’m a proponent of building relationships and the broader aspect of trying to understand who you are as a person.”


He Enjoys Exploring the Philly Area

“I’m a history buff and I’m often researching specific time periods and events from the viewpoint of the African Diaspora. I’m new to the area, so I’m enjoying finding places that my youngest daughter, who is a toddler, will enjoy, like the Please Touch Museum. I also like to follow college sports.”