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Martin Warner



  2. Phone: (610) 328-8299
  3. Parrish 124
Martin Warner

Registrar Martin Warner is responsible for the maintenance and integrity of all academic records and student data reporting. He certifies graduation degree requirements, honors, enrollment, and degrees, and manages registration, grades, transcripts, classroom scheduling, and calendar planning. He also advises students and faculty on academic policies.

But Martin is proudest of the degree audit system, available online. "It's a check list for each individual student listing the graduation requirements, what they've done, and what they need to do," he says.

"My reason for being here is to help students graduate, in particular to help them fulfill their degree requirements," Martin says. "My business is knowing the rules and helping others fulfill them, and sometimes that means helping students find the options they need to graduate. How do I do that? I meet with anyone who walks in, and I send a lot of friendly reminders."

An avid Swat sports fan, Martin attends as many home games as he can, particularly basketball and volleyball. For himself, he prefers walking and hiking.

Martin traveled widely through the U.S. and held several jobs before receiving his B.A. in religious studies at the University of North Carolina. He came to Swarthmore in 1995 from Duke University, where he had been assistant registrar for five years while also earning a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies. Previously Martin worked in the library there as a cataloger's assistant.