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Kim Arrow

Associate Professor (part time)

Music & Dance


  2. Phone: (610) 328-8670
  3. Lang Performing Arts Center 008

Kim Arrow is an Associate Professor of the Dance Program who teaches a variety of courses with areas of interest that include yoga, salsa, drumming, and dance videography.


I teach courses in Modern and salsa dance technique, choreography, 20th/21st century dance history, dance videography, taiko drumming/repertory, and yoga. My interests in dance have been interdisciplinary and have emerged from creative work in music, theater, dance and yoga. My creative work is expressed as a choreographer, dance videographer, and as director of Swarthmore Taiko, a movement based Japanese form of drumming.

For both my undergraduate degree from Temple University in Philadelphia and graduate degree from New York University, I pursued a secondary specialty in theater. Originally my interest was in the expressive potential of movement theater. Ultimately that interest expanded to include multi-media production and videography. As a videographer I'm interested in the advancement of current trends in technology-based choreography. In 2008/9 my video work had been screened at Dance Video/Film festivals in France, India, Brazil, Boulder, CO, and in Philadelphia. My film MOCEAN won an Award in March 2010 for the "Most Creative" category from films selected to be screened for Earth Hour 2010 in Cairns, Australia. Sponsors included the World Wildlife Fund, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, and the Cairns Regional Council. I also participated in the Sans Souci Film Fest in Santa Monica, Highways Performance Space & Gallery, 18th Street Arts Center (ROOPER); Sans Souci Festival of Dance in Barcelona, Punt Multimedia, Casa del Mig Parc de l'Espanya Industrial (MOCEAN); Sans Souci Fest in Boulder, Colorado, Univ of CO (MOCEAN).

Throughout my professional career music, specifically rhythmic analysis and drumming from various cultures, and recently videography, have become a means for exploring a trans-disciplinary approach for the global transformation of public culture. In particular, I am interested in the interface of traditional and contemporary cultural and performative practices, and how these practices operate both in mainstream art production and within communities as structure around which to build identity and expression. These notions are expressed in my work in several ways: in the juncture of traditional culture-mostly Australian aboriginal-and video imaging; community building based performance art practices (TaikoDrum, Hobart; and Cape York/Torres Strait aboriginal communities); and taiko composition that includes traditional, contemporary, and inter-cultural forms of rhythmic theory and dance/movement. I perform with Swarthmore Taiko annually at various venues in the Philadelphia area and Pennsylvania, often working closely with the Japan America Society of Greater Philadelphia for performances, press-relations, and educational programs.

Additionally, I'm interested in yoga and its benefits for injury prevention in dance as well as its contributions to general health.


Please see Professor Arrow's Swarthmore College Faculty Bibliography for recent links to published works.