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Erin Wheary

Visiting Assistant Professor of Art


Visiting Assistant Professor Art Erin Wheary


M.F.A. in Sculpture, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
B.A. in Fine Art (Sculpture and Printmaking), University of Puget Sound


Sculpture, Installation, Performance Art


ARTT053 Sculpture II: Sculpture and the Body
ARTT050 Sculpture I: Materials and Processes

Biographical Statement

Wheary is an an interdisciplinary artist emphasizing in sculpture and printmaking.  

Her work derives from the application of ordered systems onto various materials. This design process relies heavily on mathematical proportions, numerical sequences, and the scientific method. The circular nature of the scientific method allows for deep investigation by subtly shifting individual variables. Wheary is motivated by the logic and control that is manifested in numbers. The concept provides a pattern that makes form. The application of these proportions to materials of organic origins such as wood, cardboard, or paper initiates an unpredictable relationship between order and chaos, geometric and organic. 

 In her practice, a predetermined process is established. By changing one variable with every iteration, she investigates material emerging with an insight into how far these elements can be extended to their breaking point. The process is materialized and the goal of fusing material, process, and content is realized.