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Faculty Research Videos

Search below to find brief videos by the Physics and Astronomy faculty members about their current research topics and prospective projects for Summer 2022.

Cacey Bester Summer 2022 Research Info
This video was recorded for summer 2021 hiring but is appropriate for Summer 2022. I will only hire for the in-person experimental project.

Michael Brown Summer 2022 Research

Eva Maria Collins Summer 2022 Research Info
Additional Open House on 11/23, 11:15-noon, Singer Hall 403

Geller and Crouch Summer 2022 Research Info

Amy Graves Summer 2022 Research
The video you'll watch was recorded for Summer '21 hiring.  It is very appropriate for Summer '22, save that Prof. G will probably be hiring students only for "Project 2",  molecular dynamics simulations using NSF XSEDE supercomputers.  We will be simulating shearing and rearrangements in jammed systems. We may even get to applying machine-learning methods.

Eric Jensen Summer 2022 Research Info
I’m not on leave this year, but I’m still working with the TESS mission and planning similar research to that described in this video for the coming summer, probably related to TESS data on young stars.  This coming summer we should be able to complement the TESS data with data from our campus telescope as well.

Natalia Lewandowska Summer 2022 Research
My research focuses on observational studies of fast rotating and highly magnetized neutron stars known as pulsars. As a member of an international team of collaborators I am investigating how such stars create their emission. I am working with several telescopes world wide. Hence my lab is pretty much everywhere where such instruments are located, also in space!

Jesse Rivera Summer 2022 Research Info

This video was recorded for Summer 2021 hiring, but the information is still relevant for Summer 2022.

Hilary Smith Summer 2022 Research Info

Stephen Hackler Summer 2022 Research
My research involves computational and experimental biophysics, with a focus on insect microstructure.

David Cohen Summer 2022 Research Info
This is my informational video from last year. I'm not planning to take new students next summer but I am planning to recruit a couple of students in fall 2022 to work on projects related to those described in the video.

Tristan Smith Summer 2022 Research Info