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Physical Access Plan


 Swarthmore College maintains a comprehensive Physical Access Plan to ensure that all programs, services and amenities open to the campus community or to the public and not requiring advance notice or registration shall be located in facilities that have the following accessible features:

  1. Accessible parking (where parking is otherwise provided by the College)
  2. Accessible approaches from adjacent parking area, walkways and public transportation drop-off points to the extent within the College's control
  3. An accessible entrance to the building, and into those rooms or spaces open to the public where such programs, services or amenities are provided
  4. An accessible water fountain (if a water fountain is provided) on an accessible level
  5. Accessible men's and women's toilet rooms including an accessible stall, or one unisex accessible toilet room
  6. An accessible public telephone (if public telephones are offered) on an accessible level
  7. Signage (identifying permanent rooms and spaces as well as directional signage ) with raised and Braille characters
  8. At least one accessible means of vertical access if any program, service, or amenity offered is located above or below the accessible entry level
  9. Accessible seating in classrooms or auditoriums or other spaces that meets the applicable ADA standards
  10. One accessible route from the accessible entrance to each accessible space that meets the applicable standards

Information regarding the plan can be obtained by contacting Susan Smythe, x2063.