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William Khan

High School: Stuyvesant High School 

Intended Major: Physics and Economics 

Possible Career: Trader, Ratings Analyst 

Words: Adaptable, persistent, inventive, kindhearted, silly 

What impact do you want to have on the world?

I want to be able to one day say that I started or built something that no one else had ever envisioned. Whether it be my own company, a non-profit, or even inventing something simple, I hope that my time at Swarthmore will provide the tools to create something of my own. 

Name a person you admire.

Mr. Collins, a.k.a Will From Queens (long story), who was my 8th grade math teacher. I have never met someone who was as devoted to educating kids as him. He built up our middle's schools math team to a point that I could never have foreseen back in middle school. His constant commitment to helping not just his students in school, but also former students like me, has inspired me to one day make a similar, if not greater impact, on my community. 

What is something you are proud of in your life so far?

 I am very proud of my brother. Although many people could never tell the difference between our pictures at his age, he is the better version of me. He pursues far more activities and hobbies than I had ever dreamt, and is amiable enough that even my college friends have so many wonderful things to say about him. Now that he is entering high school, I hope that he can learn from my life and build something better and more valuable. 

What have been the most valuable Evans Scholars program experiences for you?

 I had never experienced so much concentrated growth than during our freshman year Outward Bound trip. It was the perfect transition into college, as for the first time in my life I was surrounded with such similar people who shared the same ambitions, values, and outlook on life. We all toiled and struggled together to make camp, canoed for miles, cooked food in the empty wilderness. However, the experience helped me leave many problems from my high school years, and even though I may spend a very limited time with my fellow Evans scholars today, I know that they are always a source of friendship and comfort whenever I may need it. 

What was the most transformative class you have taken and/or what subjects do you want to explore deeply?

 I had come to Swarthmore in hopes of just pursuing economics, but the introductory physics class Spacetime and Quanta drew me head-first into the physics department. I fell in love with the interesting problems that physicists faced, and the enigmatic concepts that no matter how much you felt you understood them, there was more to learn and explore. The course covered all kinds of interesting phenomena, and provided explanations for even the most basic level of things. Because of PHYS 5, I am now a physics major and exploring even more interesting and challenging problems regarding physical phenomena.