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Tyrene White

Professor of Political Science

Tyrene White, Professor of Political Science
Tyrene White, Professor of Political Science

Professor White is an expert on East Asian politics, with a specific emphasis on population issues. She is the author of China's Longest Campaign: Birth Planning in the People's Republic, 1949-2005 (Cornell, 2006), and many articles on rural politics and population policy in China. She is the editor of China Briefing: The Continuing Transformation (2000) and co-editor of Engendering China: Women, Culture, and the State (1994). Her current research is on the local political influence of Chinese NGOs and on the use of litigation to improve the status of Chinese women.

She teaches courses on contemporary China, East Asia, and population issues, and introductory courses in comparative politics.

White received her B.A. in 1978 from Middle Tennessee State University in 1978, and her M.A in 1983 and Ph.D in 1985, both from Ohio State University.


Listen to Tyrene White's lecture, "Where You'd Least Expect it: Faith-Based Initiatives and the Expansion of Civic Space in China." She describes the regulatory framework within which China's NGO's have begun to operate and shows the difficulty of completely disentangling state and society NGO origins.


Listen to Tyrene White talk on NPR's Morning Edition about China's decision to allow parents to have another child if their first was child was killed, injured, or disabled in the recent earthquake.

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