Andrew Ward

Professor of Psychology

Andrew Ward, Professor of Psychology
Andrew Ward, Professor of Psychology

Professor Ward is an authority on self-regulation and control, including strategies for enhancing individuals' control of eating, smoking, aggression, depressed mood, and obsessive thoughts. He has also conducted research on negotiation and conflict resolution, focusing on psychological barriers to the negotiated resolution of disputes and overcoming obstacles to successful negotiations. His other areas of expertise include social psychology and social perception.

He has written numerous articles including "Don't Mind If I Do: Disinhibited Eating Under Cognitive Load" (Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, April, 2000, with Traci Mann) and co-authored, with Shirit Kronzon, The Bargaining Bride: How to Have the Wedding of Your Dreams Without Paying the Bills of Your Nightmares (New Page Books, 2005).

Professor Ward received his B.A. from Harvard University and his Ph.D. from Stanford University.