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Emeriti Faculty

College email addresses end in


Thompson Bradley

Professor Emeritus of Russian

Marion Faber

Scheuer Family Professor Emerita of Humanities
Professor Emerita of German
Email: mfaber1

John Hassett

Susan W. Lippincott Professor Emeritus of Modern and Classical Languages
Professor Emeritus of Spanish
Office: Parrish 376
Tel: 610.328.8166
Email: jhasset1

George Krugovoy

Professor Emeritus of Russian

Jean Ashmead Perkins

Professor Emerita of French

Robert Roza

Professor Emeritus of French

Francis P. Tafoya

Professor Emeritus of French and Spanish

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Language Study in the Age of Globalization

This brochure by the Modern Language Association is directed primarily to college students. It​ explains how knowing other languages enriches students’ personal lives, expands their range of professional opportunities, and increases their power to act as citizens of the world.


Language Center

The Language Center provides resources to enhance the study of foreign language, literature, and culture at Swarthmore College. Students have access to audio/video materials required for foreign language classes. The lab's resources include 12 Macbook Pros, 8 iMacs, an extensive library of foreign films, video cameras, and audio recorders. The space is a unique, adaptable, multimedia-friendly place to study, practice and develop language skills. 

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