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My Swat Story: Director of Career Services Nancy Burkett

Nancy Burkett

Nancy Burkett
Director of Career Services

She Sees Herself as a Counselor and an Educator

“As the director of Career Services, I provide vision and oversight to this critically important area at the College,” says Burkett. Counseling Swarthmore students and graduates, she sees how clearly their experience here shapes their career choices and makes them uniquely qualified candidates for positions in a rapidly changing world. “I view career development as preparation for life,” she says, “and see the role as both counselor and educator, helping students develop self-awareness and knowledge of the world outside Swarthmore.”

She Loves Helping Students Find Meaningful Careers

“My favorite part of the job is the chance to see students grow and develop during their time at Swarthmore and to work with them toward developing career understanding and direction. Each student I counsel has a different story and very diverse interests; it’s fun, challenging, and deeply rewarding to help students connect the knowledge, skills, values, and intellectual passion they develop at Swarthmore to meaningful career paths. Because our careers are such an integral part of our lives and critical to our sense of happiness and fulfillment, helping students gain self-understanding and a sense of the career opportunities and options available to them is a critical first step toward finding meaning and fulfillment in their future careers.”

She Invites All Students to Stop By

“You don’t need to know what your major will be or what career you want to pursue before you drop by the Career Services office. The majority of students change their major at least once, and most people have 12–15 different jobs in their lifetimes! College is a place to try new things and know that you’re going to make mistakes and even fail at times. Be open to learning about new possibilities, talking with people about your interests, and attending our programs.”