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Stat Muse Sessions

What are Stat Muse Study Sessions and when do they meet?

  • Drop-in study sessions run by friendly, knowledgeable peer tutors.
  • A great way to get help with your Stat 11 or Stat 21 coursework.
  • An opportunity for assistance troubleshooting code in R.  
  • A chance to meet and work collaboratively with your classmates.
  • A casual environment for studying and discussing statistics.
  • Please see the schedule below:
Day Sunday  MONDAY Wednesday
Muse Brandon Cramblit Emma Jin Nathaniel Cox
Time 8 - 10 pm  8-10pm 8-10pm
Location SC 158
SC 158

SC 158

Day Wednesday  Thursday
Muse Anne French Victoria Song
Time 8 - 10 pm  8-10pm
Location SC 105
SC 158

Who can use the Stat Mu-se Sessions?

  • Anyone currently enrolled in a Stat 11 or Stat 21 course.
  • Individuals and groups are all welcome, so encourage your classmates to attend with you.

How do I effectively use these Sessions?

  • When you enter the classroom, simply sign in, have a seat and one of the Mu-ses will assist you as soon as they are available.
  • To make the most of your time at these sessions, first try problems on your own and bring any questions you may have to ask the Mu-ses.
  • Bring your class notes, textbook, and online resources as these are helpful references for both you and the Mu-ses.
  • Reread your class notes and slides.  If there was something during lecture that you did not understand, ask about it.
  • Do not expect to be able to start and finish your homework assignments during a single Mu-se Session as this may not always or often be possible.
  • Do not expect to get individual attention the entire time you are at a session; other students may also have questions.
  • Bring coursework you can do while the Mu-ses are assisting other students.
  • The Mu-ses are here to help you succeed, not to do your coursework for you. Mu-ses will not do problems for you or just give you answers.    
  • Attend sessions with classmates so that you can share ideas and work together.