Meet the Mu-ses

Robert Abishek '17: Stat 11 Mu-se

Madeline Conca '17: Stat 11 Mu-se

Hi! My name is Madeline Conca. I am a sophomore Neuroscience major. I live in Broomall which is very close to campus - 6.3 miles to be exact. I am in Orchestra and play percussion, which includes instruments such as drums, marimba, glockenspiel, chimes, cymbals, and the triangle. I also am a huge T.V. and movie junkie. I took Stat this past semester and fell in love with R and I hope I can help everybody to enjoy the class as much as I did!

Sun Park '16: Stat 11 Mu-se

Katherine Zavez '17: Stat 11 Mu-se

Hi my name is Katherine Zavez and I am a sophomore from Massachusetts. I plan to major in math/stat with minors in environmental studies and economics. In the fall I play on the women’s soccer team and in the winter and spring I do track & field. I am also a TOPSoccer coach and have two cats. I am excited to be a statistic Mu-se and look forward to helping others better understand R Studio.