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Meet the Math 27 Pi-rates


Maeleine Ward
Madeleine Ward

Hometown: Charleston, West Virginia

Prospective Majors:  Mathematics with emphasis in Statistics and Psychology
Graduation Year:  2021

Fun fact: "I bake the best snickerdoodles."

Miriam MooreMiriam Moore

Hometown:  Claremont, California

Prospective Major:  Physics and Mathematics
Graduation Year:  2022

Fun Fact: "Come see me in the dance show May 3 & 4!"


Dominic Woodward
Dominic Woodward

Hometown: Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

Majors:  Mathematics and Biology
Graduation Year:  2021

Fun fact: "I have a cat named Mouse."


Diego Marcano
Diego Marcano

Hometown: Dover, Delaware

Prospective Major:  Engineering and Computer Science
Graduation Year:  2021

Fun fact: "I can play hot cross buns on the recorder."