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Meet the Math 25 Pi-rates



Laura Wilcox
photo of Laura Wilcox

Hometown: Alexandria, Virginia
Major:  Honors Economics
Minor:  Mathematics
Graduation Year: 2020

Fun fact: "Visiting central banks is my favorite thing to do when I'm in a new country.  I have been to seven of them!"

Tarzan MacMood
photo of Tarzan MacMood

Hometown: Upper Darby, Pennsylvania
Majors:  Mathematics and Educational Stuides 
Graduation Year:  2020
Fun Fact:  "My dad was going to name me Sprite, instead of Tarzan, if I was born a girl."


Dominic Woodward
photo of Dominic Woodward

Hometown:  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Majors:  Biology and Mathematics with Statistics emphasis
Graduation Year:  2021
Fun fact: ""

Andy Zhang
photo of Andy Zhang

Hometown: Santa Fe, New Mexico
Prospective Majors:  Physics and Music
Graduation Year: 2022

Fun fact: "Pop music gives me existential dread."


Miles Garcia
photo of Miles Garcia

Hometown:  New York, New York
Prospective Major:  Astrophysics

Prospective Minors: Computer Science and Ancient History
Graduation Year:  2022

Fun fact: "I enjoy making homemade pasta and assorted sauces."


Sam Rothstein
photo of Sam Rothstein

Hometown:  Palo Alto, California
Majors:  Mathematics and Computer Science
Graduation Year: 2021

Fun fact:  "I love to surf and ski!"