Meet the Math 25 Pi-rates

Meet the Math 25 Pi-rates​


Aayushi DangolAayushi Dangol

Hometown: Kathmandu, Nepal
Prospective Majors:  Computer Science and Studio Art
Graduation Year:  2020



Tarzan MacMood​Tarzan MacMood

Hometown: Upper Darby, Pennsylvania
Prospective Major:  Mathematics
Graduation Year:  2020
Fun fact: "The initials of my full name are ATM. Please don't ask me for money, because I too am a broke college student."

Haruka Ono​Haruka Ono

Hometown: Kamakura, Japan
Major:  Psychology
Minor: Statistics
Graduation Year: 2019

Fun fact: "When I was younger, I had a genuine fear of trees.  I still get the shivers when I look up at tall trees."

Jonathan Tostado-MarquezJonathan Tostado-Marquez

Hometown: Pomona, California
Majors:  Mathematics and Film & Media Studies
Graduation Year:  2019
Fun fact: "I can make duck noises."