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Meet the Math 15 Pi-rates

Yasmin Aguillon
photo of Yasmin Aguillon

Hometown:  Spring Hill, Tennessee
Prospective Major:  Mathematics
Prospective Minor:  Music
Graduation Year:  2022

Fun fact:  "Carrots are my favorite vegetable."


Ji Su Ahn
photo of Ji Su Ahn

Hometown: Westport, Connecticut
Major:  Computer Science and Mathematics
Graduation Year: 2021  

Fun fact: "I met two bearded dragons in a dog carrier in Massachusetts."


Calla Bush St George
photo of Calla Bush St George

Hometown:  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Major: Biology
Graduation Year:  2020
Fun fact: "My name is also the name of a plant (if you don't include the St George part)."

Ricardo Gonzalez​photo of Ricardo Gonzalez

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Major:  Engineering
Graduation Year:  2021

Fun fact: "I make some killer omelettes."


Kevin Stewart-Mercuriophoto of  Kevin Stewart-Mercurio

Hometown:  New York City, New York
Prospective Majors:   Mathematics and Computer Science
Graduation Year:  2022 

Fun fact: "I play for Swarthmore's Men's Ultimate Frisbee team."


Christina Wang
Christina Wang

Hometown: San Ramon, California

Prospective Majors: Computer Science and Economics
Graduation Year: 2022

Fun fact: "I really like boba."