Meet the Math 15 Pi-rates

Zelda BankZelda Bank

Hometown: Pullach, Germany
Major:  Political Science
Minors: German and History
Graduation Year:  2019

Fun fact: "I have lived in six different countries."

Janan HuiJanan Hui

Hometown: Hong Kong, China
Prospective Major:  Chemistry
Graduation Year: 2020  

Fun fact: "I never drink and derive."

Rachel Rachel LeifieldLeifield​

Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri
Major: Honors Mathematics
Minor: History 
Graduation Year:  2019
Fun fact: "I broke my collar bone in 5th grade."

Gabby Pangelinan​Gabby Pangelinan

Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida
Majors:  Mathematics and Computer Science
Graduation Year:  2019

Fun fact: "I have 5 siblings under the age of 12."


Madison Shoraka​Madison Shoraka

Hometown: Rockville, Maryland
Prospective Majors:  Math and Peace and Conflict Studies
Graduation Year:  2020

Fun fact: "I'm allergic to trees and I knew Swarthmore was an aboretum."

Zara Williams-NicholasZara Williams-Nicholas

Hometown: Kingston, Jamaica

Major: Mathematics
Graduation Year: 2019

Fun fact: "I'm not a big fan of Cheetos."