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Meet the Clinicians


Alex Galarraga
photo of Alex Galarraga

Hometown:  Providence, Rhode Island

Major:  Mathematics 

Minors: Computer Science and Chinese
Graduation Year:  2021

Fun fact:  "I can rap 'White & Nerdy' from memory."

Liam Packer
photo of Liam Packer

Hometown:  Rumson, New Jersey

Majors:  Physics and Honors Mathematics

Graduation Year:  2020

Fun fact:  "I used to beatbox on the flute when I had more time."


Joy Zhang
photo of Joy Zhang

Hometown:  Shanghai, China

Prospective Majors:  Mathematics and Philosophy
Graduation Year:  2022

Fun fact:   "I enjoy walking or running long distances."

Nigel Van Ha
photo of Nigel Van Ha

Hometown:  Chicago, Illinois

Major:  Honors Mathematics
Graduation Year:  2020

Fun fact:  "I like to go rock-climbing."

Miriam Moore
photo of Miriam Moore

Hometown:  Claremont, California

Prospective Majors:  Mathematics and Physics
Graduation Year:  2022

Fun fact:  "I have three cats, three tats, and one cat tat!"




Thomas Daillak
photo of Thomas Daillak

Hometown:  Armonk, New York

Majors:  Mathematics and Linguistics
Graduation Year:  2021

Fun fact:  "I learned how to bake before I learned to read."



Alex Flowers
Alex Flowers

Hometown:  Berlin, New York

Majors:  Mathematics with Statistics emphasis and Spanish
Graduation Year:  2021

Fun fact:  "I pole vault on the track team!"

Kevin Choiphoto of Kevin Choi

Hometown:  Centreville, Virginia

Majors:  Economics and Mathematics with emphasis in Statistics
Graduation Year:  2021

Fun fact:  "I'm not Chinese."

Haochen Wangphoto of Haochen Wang

Hometown:  Linyi, China

Majors:  Mathematics and Computer Science
Graduation Year:  2020

Fun fact:  "I like wearing flip-flops."

Jiung Jung
photo of Jiung Jung

Hometown:  Iowa City, Iowa

Major:  Mathematics 
Graduation Year:  2021

Fun fact:  "I grew up less than an hour away from the world's largest truck stop."