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Travel Expectations

Please review this page carefully. Chartered organizations have the option to request a college owned SBC Van, or can also rent vehicles from Bargain Rent a Car in Folsom. Remember, if you are renting a vehicle, you are expected to complete a travel itinerary.

The Following Regulations Apply to All Van Use:

  • All drivers must be van certified by the College before operating a vehicle.
  • All drivers must carry their driver’s license whenever they are driving the vans.  
  • Do not overcrowd the van.  There can be no more passengers than seatbelts in any vehicle used.
  • A driver can operate the van for up to 5 hours but is then required to rest for at least 5 hours.  No driver can operate a van for longer then 10 hours in any 24-hour period. Drivers are not to operate vehicles if they are tired or fatigued.
  • It is strictly prohibited to drive the vans under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  Violators of this expectation will not be covered under the College’s insurance.
  • There is no smoking/vaping allowed in the vans.
  • All vehicles must be returned cleaned.
  • All local and federal laws must be followed.
  • If a student driver is involved in an accident, they must obtain a police report immediately!  Obtain the name, address, and license number of the other driver involved in the accident, along with the name and address of their insurance company. The accident should be reported to Public Safety immediately (610-328-8281).  The vendor (if applicable) from whom the van was rented must also be informed by telephone as soon as possible. In the event of an accident involving a Swarthmore student driver, the student driver or student group is legally responsible for the first $500 in damages. If the accident is due to driver negligence, such as alcohol or drug use or if the damage is due to illegal use of the vehicle the driver and/or student group renting the vehicle will be held responsible for up to the full cost of repairs and will be subject to adjudication by the College.

Best Practices for All Van Use:

  • Be aware of changing road and weather conditions.
  • Avoid backing up the van. It is difficult and dangerous.  The VAST majority of all van accidents happen while backing up. A car can easily be behind the van and not be seen in any of the three rear- view mirrors!  If you back up, have someone go to the very back seat and look out the window to help you back up the van. If no one else is in the van, you must get out of the van and look behind it yourself.  This may not help you avoid hitting moving people or cars, but it will prevent your from running into stationary objects.

Regulations Regarding College Van Use:

  • All general van regulations and best practices above apply.
  • Vans are available for student groups to reserve on a first come, first served basis.  
  • Reservations must be made in writing, through the van request form or by emailing the Van Coordinator at at least 5 days before the van is needed.
  • College owned 15-passenger vans are limited to trips covering a maximum of 300 miles round trip and a maximum of two nights.
  • Vans must be returned with a full tank of gas. Clubs can request reimbursement for gas.
  • Clubs are responsible for all tolls and fares along on their trip.

Regulations Regarding Rental Van Use:

  • All general van regulations and best practices above apply.
  • Students must be 21 years or older to rent a van.
  • Vans can be rented by Bargain Rental in Folsom PA. Bargain will confirm with OSE that the rental request is for a chartered student group. Chartered student groups are covered by Swarthmore’s Insurance Policy. Non-chartered groups can rent vans as individual students.
  • Rented vehicles must be used for club purposes.
  • Travel itineraries, read below, must be submitted for all rental van use.

Travel Itinerary Expectations:

  • Travel Itineraries must be submitted for all Bargain Rentals, and any overnight use of College Owned Vans. Travel itineraries should be submitted on the OSE Travel Itinerary Page (add website with form). Travel itineraries must include the following:
  • Van Certified Drivers
  • Club/Organization Name
  • Reason for Travel
  • Start Date & Return Date
  • Destinations for Travel & Dates for Travel (including locations/dates mid trip - i.e. travel to location A on 1/1/18, to location B on 1/3/18, etc.)
  • Roster of Trip Attendees
  • Emergency Contact Number

Submit a Travel Itinerary