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Student Organizations Equipment Purchasing

Are you purchasing equipment with your SBC Budget? All equipment purchases must be logged. Equipment is defined as an item that will have a continued use by a club or organization. Equipment is differentiated from supplies, which might be used for one or a few events and doesn’t have a continued use. Student groups and organizations must provide information to demonstrate the continued stewardship of equipment that is purchased. Treasurers are required to provide that information in a timely manner after purchasing equipment.

Equipment Purchase Form

The following information is required for the form:

  • Description of Equipment Purchased
  • Business Use of Item
  • Who is responsible for maintaining the equipment?
  • Where will the equipment be stored while classes are not in session?
  • Serial Number of Equipment (if applicable)
  • Cost of Equipment
  • Describe required upkeep and who is responsible for the required upkeep (if applicable)