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SBC Document Links

The following is a list of treasurers resources for SGO chartered groups with a SBC budget.

Blank Performer/Instructor/Service Contract - Please email to receive a blank copy of our standard contract. Just as a reminder - Please make sure to read the instructions and have a faculty/staff member review and sign contracts.

Student Reimbursement Form - For use when students pre-pay organization expenses.

Equipment Purchasing Form - Whenever equipment is purchased for an organization, information must be submitted to keep track of purchases. Read more about the information collected and to learn more about which equipment must be logged on the Equipment Purchasing Page.

Travel Itinerary Form - If you are an SBC Chartered Group renting a vehicle from budget, or taking a student van on an overnight trip, you are required to fill out this form. Learn more on the Travel Expectations Page.

Supplemental Funding Form - Chartered Organizations can request supplemental funding through SBC. This form should be submitted by Thursday at 8pm. Supplemental funding meetings are held each Sunday in Sharples at 5pm in Room 4. A representative is required to attend the supplemental funding meeting for your request to be considered. 

Please email or with questions.