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"Round Two" Blocking and Singles Lottery for Rising Sophomores

The OSE assessed rooms that were not selected, and we are able to offer a SELECT amount of these options to you all to select before the general sophomore preference form is due.  A common question we receive is if a group of friends can have a block that is not listed on this page--the answer is NO.  The only blocks available are on this list; other unused blocks were either selected in the lotteries or will be used for the sophomore preference process.

Available Blocks:
1. Pittenger 159 (5-person quint consisting of 2 doubles and 1 single w/bathroom)
2. Roberts 186/187 (5-person quint consisting of 1 double and 1 triple w/bathroom)
3. Roberts 286/287/288 (5-person quint consisting of 2 doubles and 1 single w/bathroom)
4. Roberts 289/290 (5-person quint consisting of 2 singles and 1 triple w/bathroom)
5. Woolman 30/31/33 (3 doubles)

Additionally, we have SINGLES in Mary Lyons that are also available.  To be clear, these are the ONLY singles that rising sophomores would have access to.  The singles are in pairs so you have the ability to live next to a friend, however, you can choose to only apply for one room as well.  
Available Singles (as a pair or alone):

1. ML 9 & 10
2. ML 11 & 12
3. ML 15 & 16
4. ML 19 & 20
5. ML 21 & 22

To apply: Complete the following form here with the deadline of Tuesday, April 26, 12:00pm: Blocking and Singles Lottery Form

Please note: for both the blocks and singles, we will NOT average numbers, but the BEST number will win the block/single.