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Parrish Parlor Parties

[Parrish Hall in the evening]

[Parrish Hall in the evening]

Parrish Parlor Parties have returned! 

The OSE is re-invigorating a fun and exciting student-led tradition...

Beginning in 2009, the original Parlor Parties allowed students to host themed events on Thursday and Saturday nights in the Parrish Parlors as an alternative to “wet” party events on campus.

The new Parlor Parties will encourage students to host creative events in a comfortable, fun, and dry social space during peak party hours. The goal is to provide broadly accessible, inclusive programming generated by students and open to all of campus.

Parlor Party Protocol: Easy As 1, 2, 3!

1. Request your Party - Fill out the Parrish Parlor Party Request Form here! If approved, you will have access to $200 to bring your unique party idea to life. Be sure to include all relevant information. An OSE Graduate Assistant will reach out to you about the next steps...

2. Purchase Supplies - Decorations, games, snacks... whatever you have in mind! Schedule a time to stop by the OSE and coordinate your supply purchasing. We can order from Amazon, and/or the Grad Assistants can take a trip to any nearby store. Food can be ordered and delivered/picked up for the night of the event. Planning should take place at least one week in advance of your party!

3. Party Time! - You are responsible for setting up the event space, being a present and reliable host, and cleaning up from your party afterwards. Remember how the room was set up so that you can return it to its original tidy state--do yourself a favor and enlist some friends to help out! And most of all… HAVE FUN!!!

Remember, the Parrish Parlor Party Request Form is the place to begin. Feel free to reach out to OSE Graduate Assistants Kinsey Hallinger ( or Ben Shalk ( with any questions!