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OSE Credit Cards

Guide to Using the OSE/SBC Credit Cards

You or your student organization may be able to purchase items online or over the phone using the OSE/SBC purchasing card. To support students purchases we are asking students to sign-up for a time slot during Open Purchasing Hours to reserve the use of the credit card.

Sign Up to Use a Card

While we are able to accept a small number of walk-in requests for purchases, scheduling an appointment is the only way to ensure that we can help you make your purchase in a timely fashion. The purchasing card has a credit limit for per day spending, and if we don’t know you need to make a purchase we can’t guarantee that there will be room on the card the day you need the purchase. Please plan IN ADVANCE so that we can help your items arrive in a timely fashion and without the need for additional shipping charges.  You can book a time several weeks in advance!

Please note that the credit cards are not allowed to be removed from the OSE for students  to make purchases off campus, but most purchases can be made online or over the phone.

Students may utilize Amazon for purchases but all purchases must be made through a College Amazon business account. The OSE maintains a business account but you must come into the office to make a purchase.  You can feel free to go ahead and search out the items you want to purchase and create a shopping cart; however, you may not purchase from amazon and get reimbursed unless it is through a business account. When you come in, we can add your items to our cart.  To purchase through Amazon, please use the same link above to reserve a purchasing time.

Large Item Purchases
If your group needs to purchases items in the excess of $1000 then you’ll need to work with OSE and the Business Office to make this purchase.  Please allow at least 1 additional week request time in advance for large purchase requests. We cannot reimburse students for these large purchases unless you work with our office for prior approval.

Equipment Purchases
If you are planning on purchasing “equipment” with your SBC Budget, this equipment purchase must be logged and each item inventoried. Equipment is defined as an item that will have a continued use by a club or organization. Equipment is differentiated from supplies, which might be used for one or a few events and doesn’t have a continued use. Student groups and organizations must provide information to demonstrate the continued stewardship of equipment that is purchased. Treasurers are required to provide that information in a timely manner after purchasing equipment. Equipment Purchasing Information and Form.

As with all reimbursements you need an itemized receipt as proof of purchase so OSE can reconcile accounts as needed. All receipts should be itemized receipts. Any lost or misplaced receipts must be located by the student or student organization in order to properly reconcile their account. Students or student organizations who are not able to provide itemized receipts may have their purchasing abilities suspended until the account can be reconciled. If you believe you have lost a receipt, please contact the Office of Student Engagement immediately.

One Card Purchases
Purchases made with your OneCard should be used for your own personal consumption only. The OneCard should not be used for purchases where you expect reimbursement from Swarthmore College (e.g. food & supplies for an event or meeting). The College will NOT accept these types of reimbursements, and will not reimburse the individual or department for such requests.

Hotel Reservations
If your group need to make a hotel reservation using the SBC card, it should be done at least two weeks in advance of your stay. Most hotel’s will require a credit card authorization form to be completed ahead of time in order to use a credit card. If you pre-plan with the OSE, you may be able to avoid having to use your own credit card during check-in. We ask that you get a receipt upton check-out of your hotel stay and give the receipt to a member of the OSE for reconciliation once you are back on campus.

Chartered organizations have the option to request a college owned SBC Van, or can also rent vehicles from Bargain Rent a Car in Folsom. Remember, if you are renting a vehicle, you are expected to complete a travel itinerary form. Please visit the living at swarthmore website for full details on travel expectations and information on using the SBC owned vans and renting van’s. Travel Expectations and Itinerary Form.

Student Employment
If your students group needs to hire any student to work in any capacity then you’ll first need prior approval from OSE. Once a student has been approved to work they’ll be hired via JobX and need to log hours as a normal student employee. No student may be paid more than the College specific wage for the specific student job.

All purchasing requires advance planning and documentation. Please reach out early so we can best help you before your event. As always SBC and OSE are available to answer any questions regarding the above information.

Please e-mail if you have any questions.