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Instructions for Blocking

1.   Only one application needs to be submitted for each group

2.   Each group may apply for up to 10 blocks

3.   Your name may only appear on one group application; the first student listed on the form is the BLOCK COORDINATOR and will be the main student the Office of Student Engagement contacts regarding any questions with the block

4.   Your group must apply for your LARGEST block first, followed by smaller blocks

     a.   For example: a group of 8 friends may apply for an 8-person block, followed by a smaller 6- person block, followed by 2 5-person blocks (as their 3rd and 4th choices). Each group can only win 1 block.

     b.   You must 'fill' a block in order to apply. For example, you must have 6 people to apply for a 6- person block; 3 people to fill a 3-person block, etc

     c.   You CANNOT introduce new students into a smaller block (e.g. if you apply for a 6 person block as your first choice, and then a 4-person block as your second choice, all members of the 4-person block MUST have been in your 6-person block.)

5.   Do not apply for a block you do not want!! If you apply and win, you cannot change your housing

6.   If you have housing accommodations, do not apply for a block that does not meet your needs  (e.g. if you are required to have non-carpet floors, do not apply for Willets)

7.   If you are selected to be a SAM, GA, DPA, or RA you cannot accept a block if you accept a position.  If someone within a block chooses one of these positions, it will forfeit the entire block.

8. Blocking applications are reviewed by the Office of Student Engagement and Housing Committee to determine eligibility.

9. The Office of Student Engagement reserves the right to change blocks or substitute rooms numbers, after applications have been submitted for comparable rooms, if an error in calculations occurs or the overall occupancy needs of the College change. Block averages are calculated by hand by the OSE; mistakes happen—if they do, we’ll do our best to resolve them fairly and consistently.

10. If you have questions about specific blocks, the Office of Student Engagement will be hosting an “Introduction to Blocking and Housing Processes” meeting on Tuesday, April 4, 5-6:30pm in Science Center 101.  Additionally, Housing Office Hours will be made available for all students to stop by the OSE or to their individual RCC for questions.

11. Turn in completed blocking applications to the Office of Student Engagement during business hours no later than Monday, April 10, 12:00pm (noon).  NO LATE APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED.  NO EXCEPTIONS. 

12. If your blocking application is not LEGIBLE and COMPLETE, IT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.  This means EVERY BOX filled out and completed.  Students frequently leave off room numbers. 

13. If you anticipate being an APPROVED early return student (e.g. Fall athlete, UPenn Classes), Mary Lyons, PPR Apartments, and Woolman may NOT be available to accommodate early returns.  Keep this in mind when applying for blocks.