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First-Year & Transfer Housing Questionnaire Information

The following page serves as a supplemental to the First-Year & Transfer Housing Questionnaire that all incoming students need to complete via the New Student Forms.  


Information about First-Year Intentional and Mixed Communities

All residence halls with first year students are also a home to members of all class years. First-year students will have the ability to indicate a preference for the specific type of floor on which they would like to live. Students in First Year Intentional Communities live on individual floors that provide programs that cater specifically to the needs of first years, such as academic and social resources. Additionally, this housing option will provide opportunities to explore issues of diversity, social justice and inclusion. Students in Mixed Class Year Communities live on floors that provide opportunities to live in close proximity to members of other class years. The programming offered is more social in nature with the intention of creating connections across class years.

Gendered & Gender-Inclusive Bathrooms

Swarthmore College currently offers residence halls with gender-inclusive and gendered bathrooms. In Gender-Inclusive Bathrooms, any student who chooses to may use these facilities. In Gendered Bathrooms, each facility is designated as either ‘male’ or ‘female.’ There are gender-neutral and gendered bathroom facilities throughout campus; we will do our best to accommodate preferences but cannot always guarantee that a student will have their requested facility on their floor. For more information on Gender-Neutral Bathrooms, please visit the housing website: