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Fall Move-Out Instructions

Fall Move-Out

The deadline to move out for Fall Semester is SUNDAY, DECEMBER 20 @ 8am.  This means that you should plan on moving out on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 19 (ideally, by the end of day).  Please note that there are NO exceptions to this policy, and any students found in the residence halls past 8am will receive an improper checkout fine of at least $50.00.


What do you need to do in order to officially "move-out"?  You need to: 

  1. COMPLETELY clean out your room
  2. All furniture that belongs in the room needs to be in the room
  3. Remove any trash and place in the appropriate location (do NOT leave trash in your room, take to the appropriate common trash receptacles in your building)
  4. Sweep out or vacuum your floor
  5. Double-check your closet to make sure nothing is forgotten (it happens!)
  7. Complete the Room Checkout Form at  If you do not complete this checkout form, this may result in an improper checkout fine!
  8. Inform your RA (or another RA in your dorm) that you have checked out and are leaving.  An RA can be available to look through your room with you, should you request it.  If you cannot find an RA, please contact the Office of Student Engagement and inform them that you are moving out (610-957-6113) or
  9. Check our mail one last time, turn in your mail key to the College Post Office (Parrish Hall).  Failure to return your Mailbox Key will result in a $25.00 charge.
  10. Turn in your dorm room key to Key Central (located across the street from the Fieldhouse on Fieldhouse Lane).  Failure to return your Dorm Key will result in a minimum $50.00 charge.
  11. Your room should be returned to a clean condition.  This means that all original furniture should be in the room and accounted for, trash removed, and door locked.  Failure to complete these steps will result in a charge being assessed.  
  12. BOOKCASES:  If you moved your bookcase (the regular bookcase and not the desk hutches) please place these items back on the floor. EVS staff should not be expected to move furniture after move-out, so please help us with this small item. 

Another Student Moving Into Your Room:

From now until the end of the semester, you may be contacted by a current on-campus student regarding moving into your room.  All current on-campus students who are living in a new room for Spring Semester must move all of their belongings into their new room before they leave.  Please work closely with any students who contact you to develop a plan of when it is best for them to move their items in your room.  You do NOT have to be present when they move their items in, but please note that they need to completely move all of their items into their new room by Sunday, December 20 @ 8am.

Storage Options

  • Option 1: PACK-UP
    • Take all of your stuff home.  It is wise to take as many things home that you do not need at College considering that dorm storage ended at the beginning of Fall 2015.
    • Store items in an off-campus location, not College-sponsored. You may wish to utilize a private service that will pick up your items, or you may wish to utilize your own private storage unit.
  • Option 3: SECURE STORAGE (Secure Storage Request Form      
    • Secure Storage (located on Old Tarble) is on a first-come, first-serve basis and is prioritized by the following criteria:
      • (1) students from the West Coast/live too far from campus
      • (2) international students
      • (3) students with financial need
    • If you plan on being away from the College MORE than one semester, we strongly advise you to take your items home with you, as space in SECURE STORAGE is exceptionally limited.  Students interested in SECURE STORAGE will need to apply for it, and the Office of Student Engagement will confirm availability with students after they have applied.  Access to the SECURE STORAGE REGISTRATION FORM will be sent out to students shortly.
    • Students who are approved may store up to three boxes in Old Tarble Secure Storage during the summer terms. Secure Storage is only open during limited days/times in both the Spring and Fall Semesters. Please do not store anything valuable (you should take any item with significant value home with you). Please do not store anything that you will absolutely need your first week in the Fall (such as bedding or pillows) as Secure Storage will only be open on a limited basis in the Fall (and may not be open the day or first few days you return). If you are an early return, please plan wisely.   
    • Students may store up to 3 regular size boxes, but may not store: furniture, musical instruments, area rugs, bicycles, fridges, or assembled floor lamps.  Each box must be secured and labeled with your name and class year. Secure Storage and Regular Dorm Storage are only available as long as the storage rooms have remaining space. Students should store their items as early as possible, and not wait until the last minute.


If you have anything in your possession that belongs to the College, please take a moment to return to the appropriate College office.  All keys MUST be returned to Key Central to avoid being charged.  If you have anything from Sharples in your room (plates, cups, cutlery) please return to Sharples before you leave.  If you have borrowed anything that belongs to the Office of Student Engagement (board games, art supplies, recreational equipment), please return to the OSE (Parrish LL76 or outside of the office if closed). If you notice anything in your dorm lounge that looks like it belongs to the college, be a good Swattie and return it on behalf of your floor :-).  Library books and equipment belonging to the Media Center or your academic department also needs to be returned.