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Fall 2022 - Spring 2023 Housing Selection Process

Pre-Selection Begins Friday, June 22nd: 

Students with documented disabilities who have worked with the Student Disability Services office to identify appropriate and reasonable accommodations will have the option to select rooms that satisfy their approved accommodations through Pre-Selection. Students who select a room through Pre-Selection should not participate in the Blocking, Lottery, or Sophomore preference processes. A member of the Residential Communities Team will reach out to students with a list of residence halls with rooms that satisfy their approved accommodations beginning June 22nd.   


Class of ‘23 and ‘24 will participate in the Rising Jr./Sr. Block and Lottery Process: 

The Blocking Process applications will be due on June 23rd with results expected by June 24th. 

This process was established for students to apply for blocks to live near or with students of their choosing not to prioritize building/room location. Prior to the blocking process, rising Jr. and Sr. students will receive a list of available blocks to apply for. The average lottery number of the group block will be used to determine block winners. Once a student has won a block, they are no longer eligible for any other housing selection process. 

Every year, students ask which blocks will be most popular, and this ultimately depends on which blocks students are interested in. 

Students who do not ‘win’ a block during the Blocking Process or who choose not to participate will select a room using the Lottery Process. 

The Class of ‘23 Lottery Process will occur on June 27th and the Class of ‘24 Lottery Process will occur on June 29th: 

This process was established for students to select specific rooms in buildings that are not included in group blocks. Prior to the lottery process, Class of ‘23. and Class of ‘24 students will receive a list of available rooms in the lottery process. Rooms that are not won in the blocking process will also be added to the lottery process after the blocking process occurs. Students will receive individual time frames to select rooms based on their lottery numbers. Class of ‘23 should expect to select a room on 6/27 from 8:00am-12:00pm (EST), and Class of ‘24 should expect to select a room on 6/28 from 8:00am-12:00pm (EST). 

The Blocking and Lottery Process will require students to access the Housing Portal. Students can select a proxy to participate on their behalf; students must email with the name and email information of their proxy. 


Class of ‘25 Preference Form is Due June 24th: 

In this process, Class of ‘25 students will list their preferred roommate and building preferences. Students must request each other as roommates in order to be assigned as roommates. Rooms that are not selected in the Blocking and Lottery process will be added to the Class of ‘25 Preference Process.  

Students who do not have pre-determined roommates will have the option to complete a roommate questionnaire. The Residential Communities Team will use these questionnaires to make roommate assignments. 

Class of ‘25 should expect to be assigned to double or triple occupancy housing in dorms that traditionally housed Sophomore level students.  


Please keep in mind: 

  • Geothermal drilling expected in Mertz Field 
    • The College is planning to begin the process of drilling boreholes for geothermal exchange wells on the Mertz field area as early as the summer of 2022. The exact timeline for the project is not confirmed but, once drilling begins, is expected to take approximately 8 months to complete.  Students who live in Alice Paul, David Kemp and Mertz residence will be kept updated throughout the project on the potential for impact on their communities. Sound mitigation measures (fencing and staging of equipment) will be taken to minimize the sounds of drilling while classes are in session but we will not know the full impact of the noise until the project begins. During construction hours, students should expect that there may be background noise. The walkways that lead to Alice Paul, David Kemp and Mertz are not expected to be significantly impacted and students should expect to be kept updated throughout the duration of the project.   The drilling of the geo-thermal wells is an important part of the College's Roadmap to Zero Carbon. Additional information about these important initiatives can be found here.
  • Air conditioning installation work is scheduled for Parrish East and Parrish North beginning Summer 2023 
  • Fall 2022-Spring 2023 Housing Agreement Form 
    • The Office of Student Engagement will be bringing back the Guide to Residential Living for the 2022-2023 academic year and all students will be expected to complete the Student Housing Agreement form before collecting Fall 2022 move-in keys and building access.  Participation in the housing lottery will secure your room reservation and allow for pre-billing on your student account.  After students secure a room, they will be required to complete the Housing Agreement form in July 2022.