Event Funding

Have and Idea for an all-campus event? Submit your funding request to the OSE Interns!

The OSE Interns are the primary funding body for all-campus parties and events.  Whether you're a student organization, a Swattie with an awesome idea, or a group of students planning some weekend fun .... the proposal is your first step to getting funding and planning resources!  Please read the instructions below and get started planning your event.

- All submissions MUST be completed by Sunday @ 11:59pm, at least 2 weeks before your proposed event.

- Once completed, the form will be viewed by OSE & SBC representatives.

- Please make sure to fill out all of the fields.

- A proposed budget should be sent to OSEInterns@swarthmore.edu.

- In order to secure funds, you MUST attend a proposal meeting with an OSE Intern representative.  An intern co-director will contact you to set up the proposed meeting.

- Event spaces, permits, and resources are confirmed AFTER funding is secured.

Submit Funding Request!

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