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DPA Selection for 2019-2020

About the Position
How to Apply
DPA Application Materials
Important Dates for DPA Candidates


About the Position:

The Diversity Peer Advisor Program (DPA) at Swarthmore College was originally proposed by a small group of students asking that there be structures avenues for dialogue on issues of power, privilege, and oppression. Modeled after similar programs at Bryn Mawr College and the University of Michigan, the program officially launched in Fall 2015 with eight peer advisors across three residence halls.The DPA program expanded to over 17 advisors serving in the majority of campus residence halls. DPAs strive to cultivate student dialogue, student group diversity connections, and campus cultural center collaborations throughout the overall residential system.

Diversity Peer Advisors are student leaders who contribute to the goal of an inclusive campus community by educating about and promoting awareness of diversity and social justice.


  • Serve as a resource for students who are targeted and/or marginalized on the basis of identity and social memberships.
  • Expand the notion of what it means to be diverse and inclusive.
  • Promote multi-partiality to interrupt the dominant narratives.
  • Educate the campus community, disrupt the culture, and enhance the climate around power and privilege.
  • Build intergroup dialogue skill-sets.

DPAs are selected sophomores, juniors, and seniors students who serve in the residence halls. DPAs offer programming, guidance, and support around topics of diversity, inclusion, and social justice.  Some of the main day-to-day responsibilities of the DPAs are:

  • Developing and leading diversity-based conversations in the assigned residential community.
  • Collaborating on programmatic and discussion-based opportunities with other DPAs as well as other peer leaders (RAs, SAMs, GAs).
  • Providing administrative support the Office of Student Engagement via weekly shifts.
  • Serve as a CSA (Campus Security Authority) and Required Reporter for the college.

Requirements to serve as a dpa:

  • Candidates must have a class standing of Sophomore, Junior or Senior for the next academic year.
  • Candidates must be willing to serve for the entire academic year; candidates who are planning to study abroad or take a leave from the college are not eligible to apply.
  • To be considered for employment and to serve in any type of Residential Peer Leader role, which includes the DPA position, students must be in and remain in good standing throughout their employment.  A student is not in good standing when the student has been found responsible for a student conduct policy violation and as a result is serving a sanction of probation, suspension, or expulsion.  In addition, students are not in good standing if they are on academic probation.  Please consult with the Student Handbook for more information about policies related to academics and student conduct.
  • Candidates (both returning and new) who are offered the position must attend the Inclusive Leadership Conference, which is held on Saturday, April 6.  It is an all-day commitment; while exact times and location are yet to be determined, please plan on being involved for the entire day.  Candidates who are currently abroad do not have to attend, and will be informed of additional trainings they may be required to attend. 

How to Apply:

Candidates will need to complete the following steps to successfully apply for the position:

  1. Apply for Position
    The DPA Application utilizes JobX, which will soon become the College's new Student Employment system. For more information on JobX, please visit the JobX and Student Employment page. The link to the DPA Application is located under "DPA Application Materials," below.  To be able to submit your DPA Application, you will need to complete all required questions in the application.  To be able to submit your DPA Application, you will need to complete all required questions in the application.  Additionally, the application requires each candidate to upload a recent copy of their resume.  Please seek out the Career Center for assistance with developing your resume.  Candidates must submit their application by the deadline of Wednesday, March 20th, 2019, 11:59pm EST.  
  2. DPA Recommendations
    DPA Candidates are required to have two recommendations from Swarthmore community members who can strongly attest to your interest in exploring areas of diversity and inclusion, leadership, responsibility, resourcefulness, and compassion for your peers.  This could be a friend, supervisor, or professor.  This CANNOT be a current Diversity Peer Advisor or the Director, Diversity Peer Advisor Program.  Recommendations are due Tuesday, March 26th, 2019, 11:59pm EST.

    The two recommendations needed are: (1) One recommendation from a current Swarthmore student and (2) the second recommendation from a faculty or staff member.  The DPA Recommendation form can be found in the "DPA Application Materials" section of this website.
  3. Participate in Interviews
    Once your application is received, the Director, Diversity Peer Advisor Program, will be in touch with you via email regarding the interview process.
  4. DPA Offer Notification
    Candidates who are selected to be DPAs will be notified within the last week of March (March 25-29).  Candidates who are offered the DPA position will also learn of their community placement in their offer letter.  Individual floor placements will be determined over the Summer.

DPA Application Materials:

DPA Application via JobX Student Employment Portal 
JobX Instructions
DPA Recommendation Form (due Tuesday, March 26th, 11:59pm EST)


For the 2019 - 2020 academic year, students serving as a DPA will receive a stipend in the amount of $2,800. This stipend will be disbursed once in September and once in January, evenly split between the two semesters. This stipend is considered income and is taxable.  This remuneration includes the responsibilities outlined in the program position descriptions, including: weekly duties during the Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 semesters,  Spring 2019 Training, Fall Pre-Orientation 2019 Training, 2019 Orientation Week, 2020 Winter Break Training, 2020 Spring End of Semester Procedures, and on-going in-service opportunities.

Important Dates for DPA Candidates:

The following are tentative dates and times of required trainings that candidates selected as DPAs must attend.  If you cannot fully attend these trainings, you cannot serve as an DPA, as they are a requirement of the position.  These dates and times are based off of last year's required trainings.  These dates and times will be finalized at a later time and will be communicated in a timely fashion to all candidates who are offered positions.  We ask that you do not finalize travel plans until you receive confirmed dates of trainings, specifically Fall DPA Training:

Tentative Dates:

Spring Peer Leader Inclusive Leadership Conference:
Saturday, April 6 (tentatively from 9:00am - 7:00pm)

Fall RA Training:

Saturday, August 17th: DPAs can begin returning to campus at 12:00pm
Sunday, August 18th: DPA Training Begins at 9:00am

Sunday, August 18 - Monday, August 26: DPA Training
Tuesday, August 27 - Sunday, September 1: Orientation for New Students
Friday, August 30: Upper-Class Student Move In

Fall Closing:
Saturday, December 21: Residence Halls Close for Fall Semester - DPAs are permitted to depart campus as early as December 13.

Winter DPA Training:
Saturday, January 18: DPAs may return to campus at Noon
Sunday, January 19 : Winter DPA Training (all-day)

Questions about the DPA Position?
If you have any questions regarding the DPA Selection Process, please contact Michelle D. Ray, Director, Diversity Peer Advisor Program.