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De-Stress Fest 2014

Come join the Office of Student Engagement for some de-stress fun.

Take a break from finals and treat yourself!  You deserve to be good to yourself!

All events will be held in the Office of Student Engagement (unless otherwise noted). 

Where is the Office of Student Engagement?  Go to the lower level of Parrish, head towards the noise...if you get to the Parrish laundry, you've gone too far.  Turn around and head to room 076

Tuesday 12/16  @   10am  

“Parfait It Out”

Come by OSE and make your own yogurt parfait (fresh mango and pineapple and kiwi and blackberries …and about 50 other toppings).

Tuesday 12/16  @   1pm    

“Think It Out”

Come by OSE and join us for a quick 'mindfulness' session with the College's new Wellness Program Coordinator, Noemi Fernandez.  Come relax and spend a few minutes before your 2pm exam (or after your morning exam) and practice some calming techniques, stretching...all things to help you calm down. She’ll lead you through simple exercise that you can use whenever, wherever to help manage a stressful situation.

Tuesday 12/16   @   3pm   

“Pop Culture It Out”

Come by OSE and join us for some guilty pleasure reading: indulge in a few minutes of guilty reading that has absolutely nothing to do with exams or finals: People, Sports Illustrated, Highlights, Vogue, etc.

Tuesday 12/16    @  6pm   

“Dance It Out”

And now, we dance it out. Yup.  Why not?  The College's new Wellness Program Coordinator will be leading the group...and she even has a playlist prepared for ya'll.  

Tuesday 12/16 @ 8pm  

“Craft It Out” 

Come by OSE and enjoy glitter, stickers, paper, and markers. Maybe make a thank you card to your roommate for being the best roomie ever.   Maybe make a holiday card for your best friend from high school.  Just create.  It is also quite possible that this event will include giant, blown up dinosaurs. 

Tuesday 12/16    @  10pm 

“Ben West It Out “

In honor of our dear friend Hemmingway (aka Willets cat, aka Public Safety cat)

Public Safety has the best snacks. Need a snack bag...stop by Ben West.  They've got lots of good stuff for you, so stop by and say hello to an officer.  Pick up some yummy food.  Why not? Hemmingway would want you to.

Tuesday 12/16    @ Midnight    

“Spread It Out”

Come join us in OSE for a Nutella Break.  That is all.  Lots and lots of Nutella

Wednesday 12/17  @ 9am-11am  

“Meow It Out”

Come joins us in OSE for an event sponsored by your very own Hazlett Henderson. Before you even start studying for the day, come color nice pictures of cats. A low-energy activity to start your day off right

Wednesday 12/17   @ 11am          

“Elsa It Out”

Come ‘let it go’ with an epic amount of Legos.  We have 8 pounds of Legos for you to play with…join us and build something—anything.  Come play.  Fun Fact: did you know there is a whole aftermarket of people on Ebay and Amazon selling used Legos??

Wednesday 12/17   @ 1pm    

“Calm It Out”

Join us in OSE for another mindfulness break.  Be Present! Come breathe with us…and relax.

Wednesday 12/17    @ 3pm   

“Hummus It Out”

Come join us in OSE for some Pita and….hmmmmm?? Us! (get it…lots and lots of hummus)

Wednesday 12/17   @ 6pm   

“Footloose It Out”

JUST DANCE. Come join us in OSE for Dance Party, part 2.

 Wednesday 12/17  @ 10pm  

“Grill It Out”

Fired up for Finals?!? Public Safety wants to grill out with YOU...join us on the front steps of Parrish and grab some good food and conversation.  Sponsored by the Department of Public Safety and your adopt-a-dorm officers. Time, location, and date subject to change--we'll keep you posted.


Thursday  12/18   @ 10am  

“Walk It Out”

Time to take a real break, and ‘check out’ for a few minutes. Come join us in OSE and then head with Noemi into the Crum.  Turn in all of your technology (no phones, no headphones, no laptops, no computers…we’ll keep them safe and sound…) and disconnect so that you can connect with the beauty of your surroundings.