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2019 Spring Move-Out

Please review all information posted in order to successfully move out of your room:

Move-Out Dates
How To Checkout
Storage Options
Alumni Weekend
Summer Housing
Summer Sublets
Returning College Property
Room Cleaning Instructions
Fall Move-In

Move-Out Dates

All underclassmen (Classes of 2020, 2021, and 2022): You are required to move out Friday, May 17 @ 11:59pm.  There are no exceptions to this deadline, and requests will not be honored.  Students found in their room after the deadline will be assessed an improper move out fine. 

Seniors (Class of 2018): Your move out is Monday, May 28 @ 9am. Most seniors will move out on Sunday, May 27 after commencement.


What do you need to do in order to officially "move-out"? You need to:

  1. COMPLETELY clean out your room (this does not mean putting things you do not want into your hallway to be abandoned--this will result in a fine)
  2. All furniture that belongs in the room needs to be in the room
  3. Remove any trash and place in the appropriate location (do NOT leave trash in your room, take to the appropriate common trash receptacles in your building--this will result in a fine)
  4. Take all Worthmore donations to the appropriate location (do not leave it in your room or in the hallway--this will result in a fine)
  5. Sweep out or vacuum your floor
  6. Double-check your closet to make sure nothing is forgotten (it happens!)
  7. DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING IN YOUR ROOM!  This will result in a fine.
  8. Move out of your room and bring your Dorm Key to Key Central (Key Central is located on Fieldhouse Lane across the street from the Fieldhouse Building).

Your room should be returned to a clean condition. This means that all original furniture should be in the room and accounted for. Remove all trash and trash-bags before you leave. LOCK YOUR not leave your room unlocked when you leave.

BOOKCASES: If you moved your bookcase (the regular bookcase and not the desk hutches) please place these items back on the floor. EVS staff should not be expected to move furniture after move-out, so please help us with this small item.***


All students will need to plan to checkout in-person at Key Central.  Key Central is located in the Facilities Management Building on Fieldhouse Lane across the street from the Fieldhouse Building.  On the college map, it is listed as #40 Facilities Management (Service Building) The following are the operational hours of Key Central for room checkout:

Monday, May 6 – Friday, May 10: 8:30am – 4:30pm
Saturday, May 11 – Sunday, May 12: Key Central Closed (please follow instructions under Key Central Closed)
Monday, May 13: 8:30am - 4:30pm
Tuesday, May 14: 9:00am - 9:00pm
Wednesday, May 15: 9:00am - 9:00pm
Thursday, May 16: 9:00am - 9:00pm
Friday, May 17: 9:00am - 9:00pm

Dorms with Electronic Keys (Roberts, PPR Apartments):
We are asking all underclassmen who live in Roberts or the PPR Apartments to still visit Key Central to checkout.  While you won't be turning in a key, you will be completing a check out form that informs us that you are fully moved out of your room.

Checkout Instructions:
When you go to Key Central, you will meet with Key Central Staff (an OSE or Facilities Staff Member) who will guide you through the checkout process.  You will be given a form to complete that verifies that you have moved out.  You will complete that form and turn in your room key to Key Central Staff.  All mailbox keys must be returned to the Post Office in Parrish Hall.  
IMPORTANT: You must turn in the key in which you were originally assigned.  

Checkout When Key Central is Closed: We strongly encourage students to checkout during one of the above times, but understand that some students have travel arrangements during the weekend or very late at night.  When Key Central is closed, you will drop off your room key in the Key Central "Key Dropoff" box outside of the Key Central Office.  After you do this, you will need to send an email to the following people:

1. Key Central:
2. Your RCC (Sam Waters, Asraa JaberMichelle Stark, or Jeremy Koepf)
In the email, you will need to inform the date and time that you dropped off your key.  Key Central staff will verify this the next time they are open.

Room Condition:
After move out, Environmental Services, Facilities, and Office of Student Engagement Staff will assess the condition of your room, note all furniture, and note any damages or improper cleaning.  Students who have been found to cause damage to anything in their room, have missing furniture, or did not clean properly prior to departing, will be fined appropriately.  Fines typically range from $50 to $500, and Facilities will assess the charge.

Move Out Deadline:
All underclassmen (Classes of 2020, 2021, and 2022): You are required to move out Friday, May 17 @ 11:59pm.  Students who do not depart by the deadline will be charged an improper checkout fine.

 Storage Options (more detailed information located on Storage Page)


Consider taking all of your stuff home. It is wise to take as many things home that you do not need at College.

Option 2: Donate to Worthmore (formerly Trash2Treasures):

Most residence halls will have lounges designated to collect items that students do not want to keep or store over the Summer.  More information on Worthmore can be located here.

Option 3: Ultimate College Storage:

Swarthmore College works closely with Ultimate College Storage, a premier student storage option through the UPS Store, to assist students with all of their storage needs.  You coordinate a time in which they will pickup and store your items, and when you return in the Fall (or Spring if you plan to study abroad), they will drop off your items to your dorm doorstep!  They can also store items over Fall semester for students studying abroad.  Ultimate College Storage also assists with shipping and holding items.  Please visit the Ultimate College Storage Website to register, or call (484) 222-6102 for more information.  Once registered, you can come to the Office of Student Engagement during college business hours to receive your free boxes and tape.

All Swarthmore students will receive a 20% discount off storage services if reserved by Monday, May 6.


Secure Storage is EXTREMELY LIMITED and is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Students who have priority for Secure Storage fall into the following categories: 1st Priority: International Students, 2nd Priority: Students who self-identify as "low-income".  Students who do not fall into these categories should plan an alternative storage solution such as Ultimate College Storage, in order to allow international and self-identified "low-income" students to utilize this space.  

Students must pre-register their request for storage. Students who are approved may store up to three boxes in Roberts Hall Secure Storage during the summer terms. Secure Storage is only open during limited days/times in both the Spring and Fall Semesters. Please do not store anything valuable (you should take any item with significant value home with you). Please do not store anything that you will absolutely need your first week in the Fall (such as bedding or pillows) as Secure Storage will only be open on a limited basis in the Fall (and may not be open the day or first few days you return). If you are an early return, please plan wisely. Students may store up to 3 regular size boxes, but may not store: furniture, musical instruments, area rugs, bicycles, fridges, or assembled floor lamps. Each box must be secured and labeled with your name and class year. Secure Storage is available as long as the storage rooms have remaining space. Students should store their items as early as possible, and not wait until the last minute.

Please note that while SECURE STORAGE is currently located in Roberts Hall, the College may decide to move this space in the future, and items stored in Roberts Hall may be relocated to another on-campus location.  

If you qualify and are interested in Secure Storage, please visit the STORAGE WEBSITE where you will find the request form and additional information.


If you have been hired to work for Alumni Weekend, please note that housing will be arranged through that office.  


As a reminder, no seniors are eligible for Summer Housing.  Approved Summer Housing residents will receive separate information regarding their arrangements.


Please remember that if you are subletting an apartment in Swarthmore Borough, we are not able to provide interim housing. 


If you have anything in your possession that belongs to the College, please take a moment to return to the appropriate College office. All keys MUST be returned to Key Central to avoid being charged. If you have anything from Sharples in your room (plates, cups, cutlery) please return to Sharples before you leave. DO NOT place items in your dorm kitchen and do not place in the Worthmore donation help keep costs down these need to be returned directly to Sharples before you leave. If you have borrowed anything that belongs to the Office of Student Engagement (board games, art supplies, recreational equipment), please return to the OSE (Parrish LL76 or outside of the office if closed). If you notice anything in your dorm lounge that looks like it belongs to the college, please return it on behalf of your floor. Library books and equipment belonging to the Media Center or your academic department also needs to be returned.


Please contact your RCC with any questions related to move out:

Willets, Mertz: Sam Waters
Alice Paul, David Kemp, Worth, Lodges, Parrish, Woolman: Michelle Stark
Palmer, Pittenger, Roberts, Mary Lyons, PPR Apartments: Jeremy Koepf
Dana, Danawell, Hallowell, Wharton: Asraa Jaber