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2017 Fall Student Activities Fair

The Swarthmore student activities fair is on Friday September 8th from 3:30-5:30. You can find the following organizations tabling at the Fair. Hope to see you there!


180 Degrees Consulting

Swarthmore's chapter of 180 Degrees Consulting, which consults for non profit organizations nationally.


ABLLE is an organization of Black and Latino males promoting brotherhood and leadership among its members and the larger Black and Latino communities on campus and beyond. While building confidence and forging a community of academic excellence, civic engagement, and cultural competency, ABLLE provides a platform to explore ideas, develop life goals, and build character.

Animal Allies

Animal Allies is a group focused on creating discussion around animal rights issues. We also frequently volunteer with animal shelters and other similar organizations.

Anime Club

We watch two series to completion during the semester, and hold movie nights every month. At the end of the semester, we have a Philly ramen trip!

Ashtanga Yoga Club

The yoga club offers several all-levels, student led classes each week, as well as a space for students to practice on their own, classes are open to everyone regardless of ability or experience. We also take hot yoga classes at Enso studio in Media about every other week each semester.

Bird Club of Swarthmore College

A club devoted to the recreational observation and study of wild birds, in the Crum Woods and further afield.

Boy Meets Tractor

Swarthmore's only sketch comedy group!


Capoeira club brings in teachers from the ASCAB Philadelphia Capoeira group to foster a community of practitioners on Swarthmore’s campus and teach students about the history, heritage, and art of Capoeira. We meet once a week for 1.5 hours to learn the techniques of capoeira focusing on flexibility, strength, coordination and control.

Center for Innovation and Leadership


Tri-Co a capella group specializing in non-American music.

Chess Club

A place for everyone interested in the game, from beginners to experts, to come together and enjoy both playing with and learning from each other.

Chester Youth Court Volunteers

Chester Youth Court Volunteers is a group of students who dedicated to working with students in under-resourced schools in the Chester-Upland district. Our volunteers learn about Youth Court as a restorative justice approach that disrupts the school-to-prison pipeline and helps foster a learning environment that benefits the student(s) and promotes an equal and just education system.

Chinese Music Ensemble

For students interested in learning to play a traditional Chinese instrument in an ensemble setting. Now an official class taught by Lei Bryant (new Music department faculty) and Wang Guowei, an accomplished Erhu musician and musical director from New York.

CIA Week Committee

CIA Week Committee is a group created to plan for Culture and Identity Appreciation (CIA) Week, an event series that aims to celebrate the various cultures, traditions, and histories of the people at Swarthmore as well as highlight the issues that affect the different identities on campus.

Clarus Capital Investments

Clarus Capital Investments LLC is a student-run fund that fosters an educational experience through investing in the stock market. We create a network and community for students interested in finance by providing professional development opportunities.

College Access Center of Delaware County (CACDC)

The College Access Center of Delaware County (CACDC) is a program that sets Delaware County–area high-school students on the college-bound path. We get Swarthmore students to volunteer (1-2 times a week) to teach high school students from the Chester area.


COLORS is a student organization for queer, trans, and questioning students of color. Whether it's through closed meetings and discussion, cozy movie screenings, or RuPaul, we're committed to providing a better space for QTPOC on campus


Dare 2 Soar is the largest and oldest tutoring program at Swarthmore College, and is the largest student-run group under the administration of the Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility. Dare 2 Soar sends tutors into nearby Chester, Pennsylvania to give homework help and educational assistance to students grades K-12 each week during the academic year.

Delta Upsilon

Delta Upsilon, an international men's fraternity founded in 1834, is committed to Building Better Men through our Four Founding Principles, Friendship, Character, Culture, and Justice, that challenge our brothers to expect nothing less than excellence from themselves and others.


Deshi is Swarthmore's South Asian student association. Our mission is to provide a community for those who identify as South Asian, and to raise awareness of South Asian culture on campus.

Drama Board

Swarthmore's Student Run Theater Group: We provide funding and assistance for anyone who wants to put on a theater production on campus.

E,A,T (Enjoy, Appreciate, Taste)

E,A,T is a diverse community that promotes the exchange and understanding of different cultures through cooking and eating. We also provide a platform for discussions on the politics, history and science implicated in the production, circulation and consumption of food. With an emphasis on the multiple aspects of food, we also provide a space for students to share and learn from each other's concepts of home through their cooking and dining experiences.


Club for Latinx-identifying students to come together in community and solidarity.

Equestrian Club

We take horseback riding lessons at a nearby barn


The Swarthmore Fencing Club is a co-ed team of various skill levels for anyone interested in fencing. This amazing group of people practice and compete year-round against club teams from nearby colleges, such as Drexel, Bryn Mawr and Temple. In addition to fencing against the other colleges in our conference (BWCFC), we also attend the national championship for club teams in the spring. That being said, the fencing team is a place for any Swattie, regardless of experience level. So if you have been competing for years, or you’ve never held a weapon before, we would love to have you join our club!

Folk Dance Club

Swarthmore Folk Dance runs weekly English and Scottish folk dancing lessons for PE credit, hosts contra dances and a yearly ball, sponsors trips to area folk dance events, and runs a longsword dancing group which performs 3 times per year

Game Development Club

Game Dev club aims to unite teams of students of various backgrounds towards the common goals of creating and publishing video games from the ground up - starting with ideas and turning them into playable games on the Andriod / iOS app store. Looking for members of all backgrounds and expertise levels!

Global Health Forum

GHF's mission is to empower students and community members to improve global health through raising awareness, cultivating partnerships, and pressuring political initiative.

Global Neighbors

Global Neighbors is a group dedicated towards raising awareness about the issues facing people marginalized for their physical or intellectual special needs. We send volunteers every week to work with the art and music classes at CADES. This year in addition to hosting a series of events focusing on creating discussion about (dis)abilities and celebrating the identities of people who are differently abled during a week called discovering abilities week, we will be hosting mini discussions and events throughout the year.

Go Club

Learn about and play Go, an ancient Chinese board game!


Grapevine is the most fun, most fruity, and most female a capella group on campus!

HAN (Swarthmore Korean Culture Club)

HAN is a group dedicated to exploring and enjoying all things Korean culture, such as food, k-pop, and tv shows. Students of all backgrounds are welcome!


Hapa is a group for students that identify as mixed race and Asian or Pacific Islander. We aim to create a space for hapa-identifying students to share their experiences with those from similar backgrounds and find support, as well as to create awareness of the unique challenges and stories surrounding hapa identity.


i20 is one of Swarthmore's largest, if not the largest, club on campus. We welcome anyone who is interested in learning and celebrating different cultures, languages, traditions, identities, and cuisines across the globe.

Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity for Women

As the first-ever fraternity for women, Kappa Alpha Theta was designed to provide a space for individuals who had historically been excluded from and oppressed by the patriarchy. Swarthmore's chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta is the only sorority/fraternity for women on campus, and we are an extremely inclusive and accepting community that embodies the values of personal excellence, scholarship, service, and leadership. Our chapter is extremely active both on campus and in the broader Swarthmore community, and we hold a signature philanthropy event and several fundraisers each semester to support the Delaware County chapter of Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), a volunteer-based organization that provides legal representation for abused and neglected children in the foster care system.

Kinetic Global

Kinetic is a student-run social innovation incubator designed to implement creative non-political solutions to pressing social issues.


Extracurricular group that puts on shows of student art and art related events in our gallery.


Kizuna is the Swarthmore Japanese culture club. Our mission is to explore and promote an appreciation of Japanese culture through an inclusive environment.

Lang Center Associates/ Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility

Lang Center Associates are issue-based ambassadors to the Lang Center. Among other things, they help students to find volunteer opportunities, explore pathways for Engaged Scholarship, and discuss internship and project funding options.


LaunchDeck is devoted to providing more resources for students pursuing personal development projects. We are interested in mentoring in and teaching ideation, prototyping, and mobile and web development, which are fields and topics that the Swarthmore Computer Science Department and the college do not currently address.

Learning for Life (L4L)

We are a voluntary mutual learning program comprised of student-staff-faculty partnerships. Partnerships design their own learning projects, which reflect their interests and expertise, and often result in lasting friendships.


A community for queer people, people of color, and/or women who are interested in making music at swat.

Mixed Company

The oldest co-ed a cappella group at Swarthmore, Mixed Company performs a wide range of repertoire several times per semester. We welcome all voice types and class years!


For over thirty years, Motherpuckers has provided the unique opportunity for students to try playing hockey, a traditionally exclusive and expensive sport. With a wide range of backgrounds and levels of interest, Motherpuckers manages to provide a fun, safe, exciting experience to both avid players and first-timers.


Multi is a community for people who self-identify with some multi heritage, such as multiracial, multiethnic, multicultural, multireligious, and/or transracial and transnational adoptees.

Muslim Students Association

The Swarthmore College Muslim Student Association functions as an open group, providing a support system for its members through regular meetings, establishing regular congregational prayer, and connecting Swarthmore with the Tri-Co interfaith community.

Newman Catholic Campus Ministry

Newman is a community that strives to encounter Christ in our daily lives through the Catholic Faith during our time at Swarthmore. We welcome all-- Catholics, students who are curious about and exploring faith, and those from other religious backgrounds-- to mass every Sunday and to our events.

NSBE (National Society for Black Engineers)

To increase the number of culturally responsible Black Engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community. NSBE is the nations largest professional society with over 35,000 active members.


O.A.S.I.S is a writing and spoken word collective that holds weekly workshops and uses poetry as a network for necessary conversations and expression.


Swarthmore's newest and zaniest co-ed a capella group. Auditions are held at the beginning of each fall semester, all vocal parts welcome!


Hiking, rock climbing, camping, backpacking, and more. Outsiders will get you off campus and outdoors.

Pax - Swarthmore Peace and Conflict Studies Society

The Pax Club encourages awareness, solidarity, and action on peacemaking and contemporary issues of conflict in local, national, and global communities.

Peaslee Debate Society

The Amos J. Peaslee Debate Society is Swarthmore's competitive debate team. We attend weekly tournaments through the American Parliamentary Debate Association (APDA), a circuit of colleges and universities mainly on the East Coast, and the British Parliamentary (BP) circuit, which consists of colleges and universities worldwide. Swarthmore has won numerous tournaments and top speaker awards on the national and international levels, including winning APDA National Championships last year.


Peripeteia organizes a weekend-long event every January where Swarthmore students, faculty, and staff can teach mini-courses on any topic that interests them. Throughout the year, Peripeteia also hosts interdisciplinary panel discussions called Preludes.

Pi Rho

We make fire.


PsiPhi, not to be confused with the frat Phi Psi, is Swarthmore's club for fantasy, science fiction, and all things nerdy. We have regular meetings as well as open all campus events like the Pterodactyl Hunt.

QuestBridge/Quest Scholars Network

Quest Scholars is an organization comprised of low-income, high achieving students and the purpose of the club is to help connect students to resources on campus like financial aid, career services, and the Lang Center. Every month, there will be events planned according to the monthly QuestBridge goals, in addition to all the other fun events.

Redefine Her Street

Redefine Her Street ("RHS") is an organization focused on creating a women's business network at liberal arts institutions and dedicated to empowering women interested in careers in finance, consulting, and corporations by supporting them during the undergraduate recruiting process and familiarizing them with concepts related to these fields.

Rhythm N Motion Dance Company

RnM was born from the response of several individuals who wanted to express themselves and create a community through the dance styles of the African Diaspora, but found no appropriate outlet through Swarthmore’s curriculum. The group has now evolved into a Tri-College performance-based group. We perform our own choreography in Hip Hop, African, Salsa, Jazz, and more in a main-stage show at the end of each semester, and offer community workshops throughout the year.

Roosevelt @ Swarthmore

Roosevelt @ Swarthmore provides students a platform to re-think and re-shape public policy at the college, local, and state level, orienting toward a new system, designed by many for the good of all. We're part of a national student network that claims the Roosevelt Institute as our intellectual home, providing a values and ideas framework to guide the change we’re creating.


We are a student group dedicated to community service in partnership with Rotary International.

Salsa Club

We have weekly dance lessons from an outside instructor in which we learn salsa and bachata. We aim to have 1-2 all campus dance events this year.

SASS (Swarthmore African-American Student Society)

The Swarthmore African-American Student Society intends to provide support for its members primarily through political and community building activities. The major goals of the organization are to increase the number of Black students, faculty and staff; infuse a greater Black perspective into the curriculum; improve the quality of life for Black students on campus; advocate for the advancement of Black people outside of Swarthmore; and to maintain a strong supportive Black community.

Saturdays of Service

Saturdays of Service is a program sponsored by the Lang Center to facilitate student volunteering for short-term, one-time projects. The volunteer trips are typically 2-3 hours on a Saturday morning or afternoon and are great opportunities to reach out to communities outside the Swarthmore campus.


We're a collective of student volunteers who maintain digital services for Swarthmore students, staff, and alumni. We run our own server, the Cygnet, the RSD, club mailing list, a course-scheduling website, a GPA calculator, and more.

Sexual Health Advocates

Sexual Health Advocates (SHA) aims to provide materials for and advocate for safe and healthy sexual practices, relationships, and attitudes.


Student Government Organization has two branches: the Executive Board and the Student Senate. The Executive Board meets on a weekly basis to make efficient decisions regarding campus policy and student initiatives. The Student Senate meets on a bi-weekly basis as a part of the full SGO to review decisions made by the executive board and to offer support and ideas for SGO initiatives.

Shogi Club

Take part in this Japanese form of chess, where captured pieces become your own! Beginners are welcome, and people who like strategy board games, doubly so.

Sixteen Feet

Sixteen Feet is Swarthmore's oldest a cappella group, as well as its only all-male group. We perform concerts on and off campus, as well as two semesterly concerts, ToeJam and Jambo!

SMAC (Swarthmore Martial Arts Club)

SMAC is an all inclusive self-defense and martial arts program that focuses mostly on Shito-Ryu Karate. Open to all levels!!

Small Craft Warnings

Swarthmore's Literary Magazine

Society of Women Engineers

We are a space for women and all minority engineers to come together and support each other.


Speak2Swatties is Swarthmore's student-run peer counseling and mental health advocacy organization! We aim to initiate conversation and connection between students in an effort to cultivate a campus community that prioritizes balance, active listening, self-awareness, and general well-being.

Stories That Live

Stories That Live connects students from the Tri-College Consortium with local Holocaust survivors to create meaningful relationships, to learn from them, and to retell their stories through independent creative projects.

Student Philanthropy Council

The Student Philanthropy Council works to increase the visibility and impact of philanthropy at Swarthmore and beyond through education and yearlong programming events. Students will connect with Swarthmore alumni and work with Parent & Alumni Engagement staff to learn skills in nonprofit management and development operations.

Student-Run Emergency Housing Unit of Philadelphia (SREHUP)

The Student-Run Emergency Housing Unit of Philadelphia (SREHUP) is an initiative of Philadelphia area college students who work to achieve long-lasting positive changes for the community of people experiencing homelessness. At our student-run shelter in Center City, SREHUP provides guests with a place to sleep, warm meals, and a variety of holistic programs centered around a long-term goal of assisting our guests in attaining permanent housing.

Students for Peace and Justice in Palestine

Students for Peace and Justice in Palestine (SPJP) is committed to raising awareness on campus about the urgent political and humanitarian crises befalling Palestinians in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Israel, and in the diaspora as a product of Israeli/Zionist ethnic cleansing, apartheid, occupation, and settler-colonialism. We are committed to engaging in non-violent means of advocating and pressuring for institutional change, and to raising awareness about these means on campus, as well as to engaging in critical dialogue and debate about solutions to the conflict.

Students Helping Honduras

The SHH mission is to alleviate poverty and gang violence through education and youth empowerment.

Students of Caribbean Ancestry (SOCA)

Students of Caribbean Ancestry (S.O.C.A.) of Swarthmore College is a club comprised of students who have lived in, have families from, or possess a strong interest in the Caribbean. The group is as diverse as the Caribbean region itself and embraces the entire Caribbean culture, which is influenced by the African, Asian, Middle Eastern and European cultures.


Sunrise is a national movement of young people fighting back against climate change and supporting the creation of millions of jobs in the process.

Swarthmore African Students Association

The Swarthmore African Student Association is a support group formed to address issues affecting the lives of African students at Swarthmore. Part of SASA's mission is to enrich the experiences of the general community by fostering a deeper awareness of issues about Africa.

Swarthmore Asian Organization

Swarthmore Asian Organization (SAO) is a political organization that aims to provide a space for APIA identifying Swarthmore students to engage in race, identity, and culture related dialogue.

Swarthmore Badminton Team

Full of grace and power, the Swarthmore Badminton team dances across the court, challenging Penn, Princeton, Drexel, Haverford, Bryn Mawr and Temple Univeristy, as well as battling in fierce collegiate and open tournaments across the Northeast. Players of all skill levels are welcome to join us in these competitions.

Swarthmore Barbell Club

Swarthmore Barbell Club is a group where members meet regularly to train in the sport of weightlifting. Our charter includes the budget for a coach from a competitive Philadelphia weightlifting gym.

Swarthmore Biology Club

We are a student organized group that brings students together to discuss, learn about, and celebrate biology. We host faculty speakers, plan field trips and design the annual Biology Department t-shirts.

Swarthmore Chabad

Predicated on the notion of "love your neighbor as yourself,” we seek to foster a sense of Jewish identity and belonging by engaging Jewish students at their own pace and comfort level in a warm and non-judgmental environment by offering innovative events, activities and educational programs in all areas of Jewish life. Some of these programs include hosting Shabbat every friday night as well as coordinating a free Birthright trip to Israel catered specifically toward Tri-Co students.

Swarthmore Chinese Society

The Swarthmore Chinese Society aims to improve mutual understanding and friendship among SCS members and to contribute to cultural diversity of the Swarthmore community. Anyone interested in Chinese culture and language is welcome to join us.

Swarthmore Christian Fellowship

We are the largest Christian organization on campus. We're a broadly Protestant fellowship of Christian students, and a chapter of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship USA.

Swarthmore Cinema Club

Cinema club is a student-run film production group. We make two student written, produced, and edited short films a semester!

Swarthmore Club Squash

We are a co-ed club squash team that trains three times a week at Fairmount Squash Club. We also participate in the annual CSA Men's Championship every year and were the champions for the Hawthorn Cup in 2015.

Swarthmore College Democrats

The Swarthmore College Democrats is a campus group dedicated to involving students in local Democratic politics, political activism, and campaign organizing. Students of all political affiliations welcome!

Swarthmore College Gospel Choir

The Swarthmore College Gospel Choir welcomes all students to explore the rich worship and emotion of gospel music in weekly two-hour meetings with a coach at the BCC (participants may enroll for one-half credit or no credit.) As a Fetter Chamber Music Program, Gospel Choir concludes with a performance in the beautiful Lang Concert Hall. Prior musical experience is a plus but is not a requirement.

Swarthmore College Quizbowl

Swarthmore College Quizbowl holds weekly practices and facilitates trips to intercollegiate quizbowl tournaments. The club also trivia nights and promotes all forms of academic competitions.

Swarthmore Conservative Society

The Swarthmore Conservative Society is a group of conservative, libertarian, and independent students dedicated to providing intellectual diversity and a competition of ideas on campus. We host weekly meetings, sponsor speakers, and give our members professional and social support.

Swarthmore Earthworms (Men's Ultimate Frisbee)

The Earthworms, the men’s ultimate frisbee team, values commitment to the spirit of ultimate, the desire to help each other improve and compete, and the ability to have a great time while doing it all! Practices are open to all regardless of skill level, and we encourage everyone to come out and play with us, or contact us at for more info.

Swarthmore Effective Altruism

Swarthmore Effective Altruism club focuses on doing good better--using reason and evidence to support our altruistic decision.

Swarthmore Fire and Protective Association

We are Swarthmore's volunteer firefighting and emergency medical services (EMS) organization, serving the College, the Ville, and surrounding areas in Delaware County. Student members are welcome!

Swarthmore Health Society

The Swarthmore Health Society serves as a resource for pre-health students within the Swarthmore community. We work alongside Gigi Simeone, the pre-health advisor, to mentor students and plan events related to the health sciences.

Swarthmore Indigenous Students Association

We're a student organization at Swarthmore College dedicated to all indigenous students. We offer support and programing to celebrate our wide array of heritages.

Swarthmore Interfaith

We organize events that promote dialogue between different faith and non-faith groups on campus

Swarthmore Journal of Science

Swarthmore Journal of Science aims to promote scientific dialogue and awareness in the Swarthmore community by providing an avenue in which scientific curiosity, research, discussion, and opinions are vocalized. SJS’s mission is to publish high-quality and reputable scientific opinion pieces from Swarthmore students and alumni to foster scientific dialogue on campus.

Swarthmore Kehilah: Jewish Community

Open to Jews and non-Jews of all backgrounds, we provide spaces for Jewish prayer, discussion, learning, and socializing.

Swarthmore Magic: the Gathering

We are a club for people who enjoy playing Magic: The Gathering

Swarthmore Men's Club Soccer

Men's Club Soccer is a group committed to playing highly competitive soccer while creating an atmosphere of inclusivity and fun. We play most of the year but have scheduled matches against area universities and colleges starting September 9th. Anyone at all interested in playing soccer on a regular basis is welcome!

Swarthmore Men's Rugby

Swarthmore Men's Rugby, the Evil Buzzards, offer students the opportunity to play the fast-paced, physical game of rugby 7s. Men of all sizes are needed to play the 7 unique positions on the field. We play hard during the match, and then social with the opposition afterwards.

swarthmore mock trial

Swat's AMTA Mock Trial team

Swarthmore Photographers

Swarthmore Photographers is a group of students who are dedicated to the art of the captured image. We welcome all who are curious to learn and share their passion for photography. We organize photo challenges and photo trips to nearby cities and locales. All skill levels are welcome and our members engage in a wide range of styles.

Swarthmore Public Library

Swarthmore Quaker Society

The Swarthmore Quaker Society is a student group that meets semi-regularly for fellowship, silent meditation, social action, and or volunteer work. If you have a connection to Quakerism or wish to learn more consider joining the mailing list and attending a meeting.

Swarthmore Queer Union

SQU is a closed meeting and discussion space for students who identify as LGBTQIA+

Swarthmore RE-volv Solar Ambassador Team

We are a group of students that works with an SanFrancisco-based organization, RE-volv, to crowdfund the money needed to install solar panels on local non-profits in Philadelphia. We are also a part of a larger collaboration between Swarthmore faculty and students and North Philadelphia residents, called Serenity Soular, which aims to make solar inclusive and affordable, create green jobs for North Philly residents, and build a worker-owned solar co-op.

Swarthmore Smash

We're a club dedicated to competitive Super Smash Bros!

Swarthmore Stand-Up Comedy Club

Swarthmore Stand-Up Comedy Club!

Swarthmore Students for Israel

Swarthmore Students for Israel is a group that meets once a week to discuss Israeli history, culture, society, and politics, as well as organizes campus-wide events related to these topics. SSFI is committed to fostering constructive dialogue on Israel which acknowledges the variety in pro-Israel viewpoints.

Swarthmore Swing

Weekly swing dance (lindy hop, west coast, blues, etc.) lesson and social dancing!

Swarthmore Tricking and Gymnastics

Swarthmore Tricking and Gymnastics is a group of students dedicated to learning and perfecting flips, kicks, and all manner of accessible, gymnastics-based movements. We make weekly trips to a local gymnastics gym for practice.

Swarthmore Warmothers (Women's Ultimate Frisbee)

The Warmothers are Swarthmore's nationally ranked women's ultimate frisbee team.

Swarthmore Waterpolo

Water Polo games and practices run weekly in Ware Pool. All levels of experience welcome, suits provided.

Swarthmore Women's Rugby

Swarthmore College Women's Rugby competes in the Small College Division, Tier 2, of the Eastern Pennsylvania Rugby Union. We are all about taking a break from our crazy lives to have fun playing good, clean rugby with a fantastic group of people. We're genderqueer and non-binary affirming and want to make sure all our members feel safe and supported; all levels of experience are welcome, and we're always happy to welcome first-time players!

Swarthmore Young Democratic Socialists

Swarthmore chapter of the Young Democratic Socialists (youth section of the Democratic Socialists of America) -- a multi-tendency leftist organization fighting for social and economic justice.

Swat Circus

Each week, we take a group of students to the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts where we work with a professional instructor to learn an assortment of circus skills including trapeze, arial silks, juggling, and acrobatics. We welcome all skill levels and provide workshops to help new students get over the initial learning curve; we want everyone to get to experience the fun we have!


SwaTango is a student run club that hosts weekly lessons in Argentine tango! Lessons are taught by two local instructors, and we offer PE credit for participation in lessons and off-campus tango events.


SwatKicks is the college's kickboxing club. We have an instructor from a gym in Morton who comes twice a week to coach us in punches (sparring and on stand-alone bags) and kicks. It's not for PE credit but it's a fantastic workout and a great stress reliever.


Swatscuba aims to provide affordable access to scuba diving certification and trips. Scuba diving presents unique opportunities for exercise, exploration, education, community building, and professional development. Swatscuba will introduce or build upon existing underwater skills, culminating in either an “open water” or “advanced open water” certification. Certification will be through Scuba Educators International (SEI) and will mandate knowledge of dive theory, physiology and safety measures. The club will promote a love of the sport and foster interest in marine exploration and preservation. In the future, collaboration with the athletic department, as well as PE credit, may be desirable.


We provide audio support for most campus events.

Tak Club

Do you like strategy games like Chess or Go? Then you might enjoy tak! With simple rules, but deep strategy, this is a game for both casual and serious play.


Terpsichore is an open (no experience necessary! all styles welcome!) student dance group that performances pieces choreographed by students at the end of each semester. In addition, Terpsichore promotes dance education on campus by organizing and sponsoring student-led classes, master classes with guest artists, and trips into Philadelphia to see professional dance performances.

The Daily Gazette

Swat's only all-online, all-the-time daily journalistic publication. Writers, artists, videographers, trekkies and techies all welcome!

The Good Food Project

The Good Food Project is Swarthmore's student group committed to sustainable, accessible good. We manage a small farm on campus and host regular garden hours and cooking sessions.

The Phoenix

The Phoenix is Swarthmore's oldest and only print newspaper, publishing weekly on Thursdays. Our sections include: News, Campus Journal, Arts, Opinions, and Sports. Join!

The Review

The Review is a quarterly magazine dedicated to arts, culture, and more. We publish media reviews, personal essays, poetry, fiction, photography, and long-form essays.

The Yellow Stockings Players

Swarthmore College's only all-Shakespeare theater company! We put on performances every semester that are open to all who love Shakespeare, acting, and fun.

Title IX House/VPE

Swarthmore's sexual violence prevention team.


UNICEF Club is officially chartered by UNICEF to educate, advocate, and fundraise on behalf of UNICEF's mission to protect children's rights, to ensure special protection for the most disadvantaged children, and to promote gender equality.


The organization seeks to address and raise awareness about barriers faced by students historically underrepresented in the STEM fields. We will foster a close-knit and supportive community, both within and outside of Swarthmore, that offers both academic and social support to individuals who have shown an interest in STEM. This organization aims to be a safe space that encourages discussion about personal goals, self efficacy, and experiences of students in pursuit of STEM.


Comedy improv group!

Volunteer Income Tax Associates

Help residents of Delaware County by preparing taxes free of charge with the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program. You will receive training to provide free tax help for low-to-moderate income families who need assistance preparing their tax returns. As a volunteer, you will learn a valuable life skill while also providing help to a meaningful cause!

War News Radio

War News Radio fills the gaps in the media's coverage of international conflicts by providing balanced and in-depth reporting, historical perspective, and personal stories. Today WNR is heard around the country and the world by thousands online.

Wing Chun Kung Fu & Self Defense

Stemming from the traditional Wing Chun lineage of the late great grand master Ip Man (teacher of martial arts icon Bruce Lee), Our self defense curriculum incorporates Wing Chun applications to street self-defense scenarios. Taught by the Wing Chun foundation principles of simplicity, directness, and efficiency, we emphasize the concepts of absorbing and redirecting brute force, and getting the altercation over with as fast as possible by cutting away flashy martial arts mantra and capitalizing on economy of movement and close-quarter combat.

WiPS (Women in Political Science)

Women in Political Science exists to offer space and resources to women and femme-identifying students in the Department of Political Science. We coordinate faculty and student events, hold weekly meals, and provide a platform to discuss issues of gender in the realm of political science.


The group is to have a supportive environment to discuss issues that pertain to women of color and to create space to explore and celebrate our identities as women of color and the intersectionality of the experiences we undergo. We see ourselves giving women a platform to empower ourselves and each other and highlighting opportunities and examples of other women of color excelling in their field.

Women + in Mathematics and Statistics (W+iMS)

W+iMS's goal is to provide a welcoming space for women and people of other underrepresented genders interested in math and statistics, and to make the math department feel more open to all students by hosting events throughout the semester.

Women in Computer Science

Our purpose is to create a supportive community for women in Computer Science as a way to change the trend of underrepresentation of women. Our mission is divided into three parts: community, academic, and career support.

Women+ in Physics and Astronomy

We are a group of students with the goal to create a community for underrepresented and minority groups in physics and astronomy. We are open to all students regardless of background.


Swarthmore's Independent Student-Run Radio Station! We are at the forefront of independent student music on campus!