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Virtual Alumni Artist Talk

Nazanin Moghbeli '96, Artist and Cardiologist

Nazanin Moghbeli '96, Artist and Cardiologist, Featured Alumni Weekend artist

Nazanin Moghbeli '96, Artist and Cardiologist. Featured Alumni Weekend artist. Photo by John Carlano.

Alumni Virtual Artist Talk

Nazanin Moghbeli '96 

Tuesday, June 1st, 2021
8-9pm EST

In lieu of an in-person Alumni Weekend, please join us for this virtual event featuring alum, artist and cardiologist Nazanin Moghbeli '96.  List Gallery Director Andrea Packard '85 will introduce the artist.  Nazanin will discuss her most recent work, the intersection of art and medicine, and how her Swarthmore education supported these endeavors.  The artist talk is paired with an artist catalog available for complimentary download here.

Nazanin is an Iranian-American artist and physician. She lived in Iran during the Iran/Iraq war, the deposing of the Shah, and the Islamic revolution. These events deeply influenced her evolution as an artist. While living in Iran, Nazanin studied Persian calligraphy, miniature painting, and music. As an adult, she has continued her study of Iranian music with masters of Persian traditional music, including Hossein Omoumi, and developed a deep appreciation for the intricate dastgah system. Her love of biology and desire to understand the human body led her to study medicine, and she is now a practicing cardiologist in Philadelphia, where is she the medical director of the cardiac care unit at Einstein. Nazanin creates work at the intersections of seemingly disparate disciplines: art, music and medicine. Her work is preoccupied with her dual identities as an Iranian and American, artist and physician.

Virtual event is free and open to the public. Please register for this event via the following Zoom link: REGISTER FOR ARTIST TALK  HERE

click here to Download a pdf of the catalog, Sound of Line: Nazanin Moghbeli

Sound of Line: Nazanin Moghbeli

Design: Tess Wei.


Nazanin Moghbeli '96, Tuning 2

Nazanin Moghbeli '96, Tuning 2, 2020, ink and charcoal on paper, 22 x 28 inches

Nazanin Moghbeli '96, Dream

Nazanin Moghbeli '96, Dream, 2021, ink, graphite and charcoal on paper, 36 x 64 inches

Nazanin Moghbeli '96, Étude 5, 2020

Nazanin Moghbeli '96, Étude 5, 2020, ink and graphite on paper, 28 x 22 inches

Nazanin Moghbeli '96 in studio

Nazanin Moghbeli '96 in studio. Photo by John Carlano.

Nazanin Moghbeli '96, Tuning 2, 2020, ink and charcoal on paper, 22 x 28 inches

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