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2020 Alumni Exhibition

2020 Alumni Exhibition

Virtual 2020 Alumni Exhibition catalog [pdf]

The List Gallery is pleased to present Four Points of View: Alumni Making Art, a virtual exhibition featuring works by Shameika Black '11, Harold Buchanan '69, Leandre Jackson '75, and May Thomas '76. This exhibition was organized in conjunction with the 50th anniversary celebration of the Swarthmore College Black Cultural Center.

Whether alumni exhibitions take place in the beautiful light-filled rooms of the List Gallery or the pages of a carefully-designed catalog, they allow us to appreciate the way Swarthmore provides us with much more than fixed skill sets or rigid notions of excellence. We continue to learn as part of a dynamic alumni community.

This exhibition was initiated by Dean Dion Lewis, director of the Black Cultural Center, and curated by Professor Syd Carpenter. List Gallery director Andrea Packard served as project coordinator and catalog editor, and List Gallery Assistant Tess Wei '17 designed the publication.

Support for Four Points of View: Alumni Making Art was provided by the Office of the President. Additional support was provided by the Black Cultural Center and the Department of Art and Art History, Swarthmore College.

We would like to acknowledge the staff, student interns, and community members who have worked to support, uplift, and maintain the BCC for the past 50 years.

View a PDF of the catalog here.


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